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Skwire VIP Shuffle is a quiz game, released on August 10th, 2012. It is the latest game in the Skywire series. Like Skywire V.I.P and Skywire V.I.P Extended, the keyboard is utilized to type in the name of characters who come in on the cable car.


Skywire VIP Shuffle - Introduction

Skywire VIP Shuffle - Introduction


Due to the randomization in the game, answers will be categorized into sections, with answers being in italics. Each section will state how long the answers in each section are. Spaces in a word or irregular characters (. , !) do not count towards the length of the word, and thus, do not effect which category it gets in (except when numbers are part of the answer).

For example, if one level was answered with the password "Nitrome Wiki", this password will go into the 11 letters long section (and not 12 letters long section, as spaces are ignored).

Along with these aforementioned categorization method, beside each answer will be in parenthesis the amount of objects/people that come into the level, with only the numerical digit(s) present. The passwords will also be in alphabetical order within their subsection.

For example, if Cuboy and a mini NES were to come into the level, it would be counted as two objects.

Optionally, next to some answers will be in brackets ([ ]) the hint for that character.


To easily find the answer for a level, simply type CTRL + F (if using Windows, KDE, or Gnome)/ ⌘ Cmd + F (if using Mac OS) then type in the hint for the level.

This should pull up the bullet point on this article that has the password. Sometimes, a password will not be pulled up as not all have been placed on this article.

Alternatively, one can also see how much letters are required for the password (indicated by the numerical indicator at the top-right of the password input box in Skywire VIP Shuffle) and get to the section on this page that lists passwords with the number of necessary characters, by manually searching or through use of the table of contents.

26 letters long

  • An American Werewolf in London (1) [Famous werewolf movie based in Britain.]
  • Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (8) [Classic fairy tale]

22 letters long

  • The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (4) [An American sitcom about a street-smart teenager who moves in with his aunt and uncle.]

21 letters long

  • Florence and the Machine (7) [The English indie-pop band]

20 letters long

  • The Phantom of the Opera (1) ["Those who have seen the face, draw back in fear"]

18 letters long

  • Edward Scissorhands (1) [Tim Burton movie]

17 letters long

  • Beauty and the Beast (2) [A classic fairy tale of a cursed prince, a girl named Belle and a rose]

16 letters long

  • George Washington (1) [The first President of the United States]
  • Winston Churchill (1) [WW2]

15 letters long

  • David Hasselhoff (1) [A Hollywood icon and star of Baywatch]

14 letters long

  • American Gothic (1) [Famous painting by Grant Wood]
  • Assassins Creed (1) [Famous console game]
  • Homestar Runner (2) [Popular web cartoon]
  • Richard Branson (1) [An English business tycoon with over 400 companies under his Virgin group]

13 letters long

  • Dumb and Dumber (2) [A Jim Carrey movie about two losers on an adventure]
  • Legally Blonde (2) [A popular movie that went on to become a broadway musical.]
  • Lewis Hamilton (1) [British Formula One Driver.]
  • Prince Charles (1) [The prince of wales - son of Queen Elizabeth]
  • The Grim Reaper (2) [Also known as Death]

12 letters long

  • Blue Man Group (3) [They produce theatrical shows and concerts featuring popular music, comedy, and multimedia.]
  • David Beckham (1) [English soccer player - also known as Golden Balls]
  • Mortal Kombat (3) ["FATALITY"]
  • Splinter Cell (1) [A popular videogame series starring Sam Fischer.]
  • Storm Trooper (1) [Troops of the galactic Empire]

11 letters long

  • Barack Obama (1) [A very powerful man]
  • Blade Runner (3) [Los Angeles 2019]
  • Castlevania (2) [Classic video game starring Simon Belmont and Dracula.]
  • Donnie Darko (2) [Reality bending adventures and Doomsday visions.]
  • Double Edged (2) [A popular Nitrome game...that needs a sequel!]
  • Genghis Khan (1) [He founded the Mongol empire and conquered half the world]
  • Pulp Fiction (2) ["You know what they call a Quarter Pounder with cheese in France?"]
  • Rafael Nadal (1) [Spanish tennis player a.k.a "the king of clay"]
  • Roger Rabbit (2) [A famous movie that brought cartoons and live actors together]
  • Simon Cowell (4) [TV mogul judge]
  • Thundercats (3) [Tygra, Lion-o, Cheetara.]
  • Venus de Milo (1) [A famous ancient Roman sculpture, on display at the Louvre Museum in Paris]
  • Walking Dead (5) [TV Series about zombies]

10 letters long

  • Anne Boleyn (3) [The second wife of Henry VIII...who was executed]
  • Donald Duck (1) [A famous Disney character]
  • Ghost Rider (1) [The spirit of vengeance]
  • Guns n'roses (5) [An iconic rock band of the 80s and early 90s]
  • Ice Breaker (5) [A Nitrome game]
  • Road Runner (1) [A Looney Tunes character]
  • Tiger Woods (1) [Highest paid athlete in the world]
  • Tron Legacy (3) [Clu, Kevin Flynn, and Sam Flynn]

9 letters long

  • Bill Gates (2) [One of the richest men in the world]
  • Bugs Bunny (1) [Iconic Looney Toons character]
  • Cleopatra (2) [The last Pharaoh of ancient Egypt]
  • Dalai Lama (1) ["Free Tibet"]
  • Duke Nukem (1) [First person shooter hero - "Come get some!"]
  • Hulk Hogan (1) [Legendary wrestler]
  • John Wayne (1) [An enduring American icon]
  • Karate Kid (2) ["Wax on, wax off"]
  • Ren & Stimpy (2) [A popular Nickelodeon cartoon]
  • The Scream (1) [Famous painting by Edvard Munch]
  • Usain Bolt (1) [The fastest man in the world]

8 letters long

  • God of War (1) [Playstation icon and slayer of gods.]
  • Godzilla (3) [The biggest Japanese movie monster]
  • Gorillaz (4) [A popular cartoon music band]
  • Gremlins (2) [Never expose it to bright light, never get it wet, never feed it after midnight!]
  • Kill Bill (1) ["Revenge is a dish best served cold"]
  • King Kong (3) [The giant ape.]
  • Lady Gaga (1) ["Poker face"]
  • Mona Lisa (1) [Famous painting by Leonardo Da Vinci]
  • Napoleon (1) ["Lost at Waterloo"]
  • Predator (2) ["If it bleeds we can kill it"]
  • Swindler (1) [ Nitrome character]

7 letters long

  • Aladdin (1) [The street rat who found a magic lamp]
  • Die Hard (2) [An action movie about a wrong guy in the wrong place at the wrong time.]
  • Jessie J (1) [An English singer and songwriter with attitude]
  • Nirvana (4) [A popular 90's grunge band from Seattle.]
  • Nitrome (13) [Developers of your favourite games.]
  • The Crow (2) [Cult movie based on a graphic novel]
  • The Mask (1) [Jim Carey movie]
  • The Pope (1) [A very important man who lives in the Vatican]
  • The Stig (1) [The mysterious driver from the Top Gear TV show]
  • Will-I-Am (1) [An American rapper, songwriter, singer, entrepreneur, actor, DJ and producer.]

6 letters long

  • Barbie (1) [The most famous blonde haired doll]
  • Eminem (1) ["The Real Slim Shady"]
  • Gandhi (1) [He led india to independence and inspired movements for non-violence]
  • Hitman (1) [A popular video game series starring Agent 47]
  • Mad Men (3) [A modern day TV series about the world of advertising]
  • Prince (1) ["Purple Rain"]
  • Top Gun (2) [Highway to the dangerzone - it's Maverick and Goose]

5 letters long

  • Rambo (3) [Unstoppable war veteran]
  • Jawas (3) [Scavengers from the Star Wars saga]
  • House (3) [American television medical drama]
  • Ben 10 (1) [A Cartoon network series]
  • Zorro (1) [The sword wielding masked hero]
  • Cloud (1) [FFVII]
  • Adele (1) [An english singer and songwriter]
  • Moses (1) [The Ten Commandments]
  • Rocky (1) [Underdog from Philadelphia]

4 letters long

  • X-men (6) [Lead by Professor Xavier, they are the...]
  • Thor (1) [God of thunder]
  • Zeus (1) [The father of all Greek gods]

3 letters long

  • Mr T (1) ["Pity the foo.."]

2 letters long

  • U2 (4) [A very popular band from Ireland]
  • E.T. (2) [The beloved Steven Spielberg classic.]
  • Up (1) [A movie about a 78 years old man fufilling a lifelong dream.]



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Skywire VIP Shuffle - Ending

Skywire VIP Shuffle - Ending

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Skywire VIP Shuffle has new Pass option, which will allow the player to pass a level without needing to guess the answer. The player is allowed only 5 passes, each pass when used giving the player 0 points when advancing to the next level. The game will also include Randomization, giving them a level that has a random, unsolved bean person.

The player's game is also saved after each level, so they can pick up where they last left off when they leave the game.


  • One level has a bean person of a Stormtrooper (from Star Wars), and the correct password is "Storm Trooper", when the proper spelling is actually "Stormtrooper".
  • On the level with the answer being "Ren & Stimpy", the password input area numerically indicates the player has 1 of 9 letters put down at the start of the level, even though all sections are blank. Because of this, when the player completes the level, the numerical indicator will indicate that 10/9 (10 of 9) letters have been put down. This is likely because between the three blank spaces and other six is an ampersand (&), and because the player doesn't have to put this in (and because of its presence), the game interprets this as one letter already put down. This, in fact, is a glitch.
  • The level with the password being "Up" has an error in the hint. The hint reads: A movie about a 78 years old man fufilling a lifelong dream.. Fulfilling in the previous quote is spelt fufilling (an l is missing after the u), this way of writing it not even being the British/Canadian spelling.
  • Will Smith makes his third appearance in this Skywire series in the "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air" level.
  • Wolverine makes his second appearance in this Skywire series in the "X-Men" level.
  • Will I Am makes his second appearance in this Skywire series in the "Will I Am" level. 
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