Small legged blobs are enemies that first appeared in the intro for Enemy 585. They also appear in multiple Nitrome Must Die levels.


The small legged blob is a small purple blob with two blue feet that has shoes (this can be seen more easily in the Nitrome 2.0 skin). It has an unhappy expression and blue lips.

Game information

Enemy 585

The player does not encounter small legged blobs during the course of the game, they are only seen in the opening. Because of this, the upcoming content only applies to the bearded man, who also cannot be controlled during the game.

These enemies walk horizontally, turning at walls, but not turning back when they meet cliffs. They only take one blow before dying. They reappear in Nitrome Must Die, with the same behavior they demonstrated in Enemy 585.

NMD Small Legged Blob


Nitrome Must Die

Small legged blobs also appear in Nitrome's 100th game, Nitrome Must Die. They walk forward, and don't turn at ledges. If a blob touches Austin Carter or Justin Bennet, they will lose some of their health. Blobs are commonly spawned in large numbers.

Other appearances


  • It is possible that small legged blobs were in other levels, but the bearded man killed everyone of them before Enemy 585 went through the levels.
  • Since small legged blobs can only be killed by being landed on the head, there is no way the could have appeared as actual enemies in the game since Enemy 585 would not be able to kill them, except for being sprung by a spring and landing on one or Enemy 585 could fall off Turner or a ledge and land on one.
  • Small legged blobs probably were based on Goombas from the Mario series of video games. Both can only take one blow to the head before death, and both flatten when done to. They both also have two legs and no arms.
    • When the bearded man killed a small legged blob, he received one hundred points. This is a reference to when Mario kills Goombas and also receives one hundred points.
  • Lava, cannons, squish blocks, since they can kill Enemy 585, they can possibly kill other henchmen and small legged blobs.

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