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Released December 10th 2009
Skin No. 6
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Special Last skin with one base colour
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Snowman is a skin released on December 10, 2009. It is the last Nitrome skin to have a base colour and objects and characters coloured in that base colour.


The Snowman skin includes several Nitrome characters from non-winter games as well as winter games. Multiple characters can be seen working together to build massive snowmen (hence the name of the skin). Other characters can be seen interacting with the snowmen or simply standing on the ground or flying in the air. There are four snowmen in the skin - an Eskimo, a yeti, a Viking, and a penguin.

On the Eskimo snowman, there is the Eskimo with her grappling hook on a victory flag, as well as an antler ape. Behind the yeti snowman (on the right hand side), the yeti is being held by the giant. On the Viking snowman, there is a frozen Viking with two green lizards, one of which has its tongue stuck to the frozen Viking. On the penguin snowman, the penguin on toboggan is sledding down the right slope. There is also a snow castle, meant to appear as the castle from Tiny Castle. This is because it is considerably smaller than the other snowmen, and the knight is standing outside of it. Also, there is a snowman in construction in the middle of the skin, being built by the demolition crew. The half-built snowman is simply a round dome which has nitroglycerine and a portapod with Larry on it. Nearby are the other demolition crew members, one of which, Barry, is in a cement mixer cannon. Also, there are two Barrys in the skin.

On the ground, there are many Nitrome characters. Starting on the left, there are the green and yellow cavemens, who are shooting a woolly rhino which has a target and and arrow in it. To their right is the cave girl with the parasite on her head, infecting her. The parasite had just jumped off of a brute, which can be seen, dead, to their right. Right in front of the yeti snowman, two miners can be seen, one of which is being suffocated by Captain Tongue. Above them are several bats. On the far right side of the skin, there is a group of penguins. There are penguins from Snow Drift and the penguins from Avalanche, including the penguin on toboggan. The yeti can be seen kicking one of the Avalanche penguins. Near the penguin group is a group of Vikings, one of them being frozen by Jack Frost. To the right of them is a rabbit out of its hole, as well as two other rabbit holes, which are near a tree. There are also many trees in the background, behind the snowmen.

In the air, there are also a few Nitrome characters. To the far left, there are rabbits falling from the sky. All of them calm and have their ears out, except for one, which is crying with its ears up. To their right is Rockitty, who is flying towards the right. Finally, on the far right is the new born sun, which is moving towards a line of stars on its left.


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Snowman SkinRockitty from the game with the same nameNebula from the game with the same nameFalling rabbits from the game DropletsThe knight from Tiny CastleThe castle from Tiny CastleA brute from the game ParasiteThe parasite from the game with the same nameA group of bats from Cave ChaosThe Cave-girl from B.C. Bow ContestThe yellow caveman from B.C. Bow ContestThe green caveman from B.C. Bow ContestRabbits from AvalancheThe penguin on toboggan from AvalancheA patch of nitroglycerine from the Rubble Trouble seriesLarry from the Rubble Trouble seriesGarry from the Rubble Trouble seriesBarry from the Rubble Trouble seriesBoss from the Rubble Trouble seriesThe climber from the Frost Bite seriesBarry on a cannon from the Rubble Trouble seriesAn emperor penguin from Snow DriftA mountain in the shape of a penguin from AvalancheA group of penguins from Snow DriftA group of penguins from AvalancheA group of vikings from the Icebreaker seriesA frozen Elder clan viking from Icebreaker: A GatheringJack Frost from the game with the same nameA pair of green lizards from Jack FrostA frozen first clan viking from the Icebreaker seriesA mountain in the shape of a Viking from IcebreakerThe yeti from Cold StorageThe giant from Cold StorageThe yeti from Snow DriftCaptain Tongue from Cave ChaosThe miners from the Cave Chaos seriesAn antler ape from Frost Bite 2The woolly rhino from Frost Bite 2A mountain in the shape of the yeti from Cold StorageA mountain in the shape of the Climber from the Frost Bite series


  • Avalanche - Multiple penguins from the game Avalanche are seen socializing with the Snow Drift penguins. Also, the main character of the game is seen going down the side of a snowman shaped like itself.
  • Rubble Trouble - Demolition crew members are making a snowman.
  • Tiny Castle - This game is hinted by a knight approaching a tiny castle made of snow.

Hidden avatar gift

On December 16 2013 and December 14 and 22 2014, Nitrome hid three avatar gifts in the Snowman skin, obtainable only by those who had a Nitrome account. Clicking the gift grants the viewer an avatar.


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  • The portapod - an unused object from Rubble Trouble - appears in the skin.
  • This skin could be considered a follow up to the winter skin, featuring characters from past and present winter games along with some non winter game characters.
  • Strangely, there are two Barrys in the skin.
  • This skin has hinted the most soon-to-be-used characters or objects for upcoming games, with eleven objects hinting towards future games. The winter skin released after this - Ice Temple - features the most hinted games, with five.
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