This article is about bees from Parasite. For bees from other games, please see Bees.

Space bees are enemies in the game Parasite.


Space bees have a large round body with a small black head. Their head has two yellow eyes with two antennas and a small mouth. The space bee's body is yellow-and-black striped with several black spikes sticking out. It has two small white wings that constantly flap and five small black legs.

Game information


Space bees are one of the few enemies that cannot be enslaved, due to their body being covered with spikes that will harm the parasite. If the parasite touches a space bee it will be killed and will respawn back at the last checkpoint it touched.

If the parasite happens to move close to the space bee, the bee will begin to chase it wherever it goes until he gets to a certain spot. Space bees can be shot by warthogs and punched by brutes, but not destroyed by acorns from out-of-order cannons.


As mentioned by the parasite, the space bees possibly reside on a "hive planet". Also mentioned by him, he ran into the planet and barely escaped. It is possible they came to the green planet to colonize it.


  • Space bees act similar to elite winged cats. Both follow the main character and both cannot be enslaved.

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