Spike pit

Spikes in Knuckleheads

Spikes are a common hazard seen in many Nitrome games, particularly those in the platform genre. They usually jut out of certain platforms or other forms of ground, and are always in areas where the main character is at risk of making contact with. While spikes themselves do not move, they may be situated in an area beneath them which moves. These hazards must be avoided, no matter which game is played.

If the player moves their character into spikes, the character takes a certain amount of damage, depending on the game. In most cases, the character only loses a portion of their health, such as a heart in the game Jack Frost. On the other hand, games such as Roly Poly and Yin Yang force the player to start the level over when the character makes contact with spikes.


Spikes take on various appearances, depending on what game they are featured in. Normally, they are seen as sharp objects sticking out of the ground or a wall. Below is a link to a category containing appearances of spikes from different games.

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