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This article is about fire from Enemy 585. For fire from other games, please see Fire.

Spinning fire ball chains are enemies in the game Enemy 585.


Spinning fire ball chains appear as a chain of fire balls that spin around (hence the name). There can be from five to nine fireballs in a single chain. Each ball is fairly small, and is connected to the one above it by a single, small flame on the top of them. They have small, black eyes, and a long mouth with lips. The rest of their body is a mix of orange and yellow.

Game Information

Spinning fire ball chains rotate clockwise. They kill Enemy 585 on contact, and pass through Turner. They only appear in castle levels of worlds in Enemy 585. In one level, there is a fireball in a spinning fire ball chain that actually talks. The fire ball also has a name, Burny.


Burny: Keep it up boys!

- Burny in a Enemy 585 level


  • If a spinning fire ball chain touches Enemy 585's helmet, it will not kill him.
  • Spinning fire ball chains may have been based off of Firebars from the Mario series of video games.
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