Square Meal 2 is the cancelled sequel of Square Meal. Development of the game was started in 2008, although it was later put and hold and forgotten about, only to be rediscovered four years later in 2012. At the time of its rediscovery, there was initial interest in continuing development, but this interest was later lost and the game seemingly cancelled, with Nitrome stating that work on it may continue in the future. By August 2015, Nitrome confirmed that the game had officially been cancelled.


Development of Square Meal 2 started in 2008, with it taking place prior to October 27 of that year, as this was the release date of the Horror skin[1]. The presence of the Weresquare - a new enemy to be introduced in Square Meal 2 - in the Horror skin indicates that development must have been taking place around that time.

At some point after this the game was temporarily put on hold due to the game's programmer leaving Nitrome[2], and eventually the game was forgotten about.[1] The game was later rediscovered by Nitrome and a Memory Lane Nitrome blog post was written about it[1]. Although Nitrome still said the game was on hold, a continuation of development was uncertain as they were not going to immediately continue work on it but said they may do so in the future.[1]

Although development was still stagnant by June 2012, when asked about a sequel to Square Meal Nitrome said that this was still possible and also presented the possibility of making one different from the sequel that was on hold. [3] By September 2012 Nitrome shared that it was unlikely they would ever continue work on the game, although they did present the possibility of continuing work on it at a later date. [4] On August 12th, 2015, Nitrome officially referenced the game as being cancelled[2].


The only known enemy of Square Meal 2 is the weresquare. This enemy would initially run away from the player, but later transform into a furry creature and chase them[2].

An Orange Troll was also in the assets of the game[2] and would later make an appearance sitting next to a Nitrome Must Die Boss employee in the Icebreaker Now Has Achievements! trailer.[5]


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