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Squawk is a mini game released on September 29th 2010. The player does not control main character - the parrot ball - but instead has to bring him in the direction they want by pressing down steering pegs.


PC Mouse Left Click on peg - brings the parrot ball to the peg


Squawk has no levels but instead one continuous stage with the aim of getting a high score by collecting coins. The stage is depicted as a pirate ship with several holes that open and different kinds of pegs appear or remain closed with coins spawning on top of them. The stage goes through several cycles that change the placement of pegs with each cycle being marked by a clanging of a bell. Present in every cycle is at least some steering pegs, that allow the player to draw the parrot ball towards it, and coins of a varying number.

Safe pegs

  • Steering pegs - Activated by the player and cause the parrot ball to come towards them.

The Barrel peg when pushed will bring the player to it.

  • Barrel pegs - Do not harm the parrot ball but serve as an obstacle similar to a wall


  • Skulls - Does not harm the player and sounds a siren to warn them of oncoming dangerous pegs. Where the skull is is where the dangerous peg will appear.
  • Shark pegs - Comes up in random places taking away one heart from the parrot ball upon contact.
  • Pirate pegs - Stationary pegs that harm the parrot ball upon contact taking away one heart.
  • Electric pegs- Pegs that come up in twos or fours and hold a line of electricity between each other that will hurt the parrot ball.
  • Holes - Simply open holes that will kill the parrot ball instantly if it rolls into them.

Pick ups

  • Coins - Appears in set places that vary from cycle to cycle and are worth fifty points each.
  • Hearts - When it comes up, if collected, it will replenish one heart to the parrot ball's health. It does not appear until the player has lost at least one of their three hearts.


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