This article is about squids from Aquanaut. For squids from other games, please see Squid.

Squids are enemies in the game Aquanaut.


Squids have a large light pink coloured head, resembling an upwards pointing arrow. Below that is the bottom part of the head, which appears as a light purple pointing end of an arrow. This points out on the sides and curves down to form a short vertical rectangle. In the middle of the squid is its single eye, which is half open. Its eye consists of a white semicircle with a black pupil. Below that are its many tentacles, that extend down like feet and curve up at the bottom.

Game information

Squids remain stationary in levels, and every three seconds send out a homing squid. Due to the capabilities of the homing squid, attempting to kill a squid can be very dangerous as the homing squid will likely home in on the player and damage them at least one health point before they can kill the squid that shoots the homing squid. Squids can only endure three bomb blows before dying, leaving a pink diamond where they were before.



This article is about squids from Aquanaut. For squids from other games, please see Squids.


A homi-
-ng squid

Squids are the second enemy with a exclusive weapon in Aquanaut, the first being the projectiles used by starshooters. Homing squids are used only by squids. They are fired every three seconds, and are more efficient than the projectiles used by starshooters, as homing squids can home in on the player, even capable of doing loops to maintain a target on the submarine).

Aquanaut Squid

A beta squid

Homing squids can be killed by crashing against walls (which is how they are killed when there is no target), or by colliding with bombs. Homing squids do not leave behind a treasure when killed, as they are not big or intelligent enough to be counted as enemies. Homing squids travel at a constant speed, and will travel straight in the direction it is shot if the player is too far away or their is no target to follow.


Discovered on Simon Hunter's website is an image of a squid, with only its arms are outstretched as if the squid is trying to trap the player.