Startups are short animations played before the game loads the main menu. Every startup is also accompanied by the Nitrome jingle, playing after the animation occurs.


Game Description Image
Hot Air The pilot of Hot Air is shown pumping up balloons in the shape of the word Nitrome. This is the first Flash game to use the Nitrome startup. Hot Air startup
Sandman An image of sleepwalkers being followed by nightmares with the word Nitrome made of sand in the foreground near a bucket and shovel. Sandman startup
Chick Flick After a pile of leaves move, the squirrels are shown by a wood carve-out of the word Nitrome while the red squirrel holds a chainsaw and a protective mask. Chick Flick startup
Roly Poly Poly, in ball form, rolls up to the word Nitrome which emits fuzz, much like the hedgehog appears on the words. Roly Poly startup
Feed Me A fly flies toward a pink flat shape, when the fly gets close the pink flat object snaps shut to form the word Nitrome (as a reference to the venus fly trap). Feed Me startup
Tanked Up A tank drives up and fires at a brick wall, which collapses into the word Nitrome. Tanked Up startup
Scribble The word Nitrome is scribbled in chalk, then erased. Scribble startup
Gift Wrapped The word "Nitrome" covered in snow is shown in the middle of the screen, while snow falls. Gift Wrapped startup


Game Description Image
Frost Bite The climber shoots her grappling hook on a snowy mass and is pulled up which shakes the snow loose, revealing the word Nitrome. Frost Bite startup
Magic Touch The wizard makes the word Nitrome appear in multiple colours. Magic Touch startup
Skywire The word Nitrome slides in as individual letters along a rail. Skywire startup
Space Hopper The letters of Nitrome, in neon blue, focus into the scene against a starry background. Spacehopper startup
Dangle A large pool of water is shown and is sucked down a drain, revealing the word Nitrome from which the spider jumps out of. Dangle startup
Hot Air Balloon Maker Exactly the same as Hot Air's and Hot Air 2's startup but with the blue background with Hot Air faces. Balloon Maker startup
Hot Air 2 A mimic of Hot Air's startup but with a pixel transition rather than diagonal blinds. Hot Air 2 startup
Square Meal A variety of multicolored and multi-textured letters slide to form the word Nitrome. Square Meal startup
Toxic A magnet on a rod reaches into a pool of acid and pulls up the word Nitrome. Toxic startup
Yin Yang The word Nitrome is shown in white with a black background. After a cord is pulled, the black and white reverse. Yin Yang startup
Nanobots The word Nitrome is shown at a minuscule size and is zapped with electricity, causing it to grow to normal size. Nanobots startup
Off The Rails The cactus men are shown sitting at a rail station, when a rail car with the word Nitrome on it rolls to a stop in front of the cactus men. Off the Rails startup
Fluffball The letters of Nitrome float up from the clouds into the air. Fluffball startup
Headcase Norman Noggin flies and smashes a large block, and smashes the other half, which reveals the word Nitrome. Headcase startup
Pest Control A group of letters with fly wings fly randomly before a small flyswatter arranges them into the word Nitrome. Pest Control startup
Twang The red, orange, blue, green, purple, light blue and goal lines pull in letters to form the word Nitrome. Twang startup
Thin Ice The Climber enters skating on a pond and bumps into a snowy mass. The snow falls off of it, revealing the word "Nitrome". Thin Ice startup
Snow Drift Letters slide in from the left and right and fling away two penguins, these letters forming the word "Nitrome". Snow Drift startup
Jack Frost Jack Frost slides along red and pink blocks that form the word "Nitrome", freezing them in the process. Jack Frost startup


Game Description Image
Aquanaut Multiple bubbles float to the middle of the screen and pop to form the word Nitrome. Aquanaut startup
Go Go UFO Similar to Space Hopper's startup, the letters of Nitrome come into focus against a starry background, only the letters glow pink instead of blue. Go Go UFO startup
Dirk Valentine Dirk's chain cannon flies across the screen, grabs the word Nitrome off screen, and drags it to the center of the screen. Dirk Valentine startup
Magneboy A magnetic "N" attracts the other letters of Nitrome. Magneboy startup
Cheese Dreams The letters of Nitrome bounce in from all areas of the screen, forming the word Nitrome. The startup ends with a black hole effect. Cheese Dreams startup
Snot Put The letters of Nitrome in snot fly onto the screen from the side, land, and jiggle before settling. Snot Put startup
Knuckleheads The pink letters of N, I, T and R bounce over the green letters of O, M and E, mimicking the movements of the angry heads without the chain. The two letters come together at the middle of the screen. Knuckleheads startup
Skywire 2 The letters of Nitrome slide down a cable that extends across the screen. This is similar to Skywire, except the letters are in different colours. Skywire 2 startup
Small Fry The cursor drags the letters of Nitrome into order and flies away. Small Fry startup
Mutiny Three bombs land on a strip of land, carving out the word Nitrome. Mutiny startup
Final Ninja The letters of Nitrome swing in on ninja rope. Final Ninja startup
Onekey The letters of Nitrome on chains fall into the screen at separate speeds and crush the red feather tribesman. Onekey startup
Mallet Mania The letters of Nitrome come onto the screen in small bursts of electricity and break off by chunks of blocks. Mallet Mania startup
In the Dog House The letters of Nitrome are dragged in by the cursor. Dog House startup
Numbskull The letters of Nitrome fall in from the sky and bounce. Numbskull startup
Bomba Three bombs blow moss off of the word Nitrome. Bomba startup
Flipside The letters of Nitrome slide onto the screen followed by the same streaks Flipside vehicles make. Flipside startup
Toxic II A mimic of Toxic's startup. Toxic startup
Fat Cat The Owl drags the letters of Nitrome onto screen. Fat Cat startup
Frost Bite 2 A mimic of Frost Bite's. Frost Bite 2 startup


Game Description Image
Ice Breaker The leader of the Vikings smashes the word Nitrome out of a layer of ice surrounding it. Icebreaker startup
Pixel Pop A black square slowly turns blue from top to bottom on a multi-colored background to reveal the word Nitrome. Pixel Pop startup
Flash Cat A long caterpillar walks onto the screen, carrying the word Nitrome on its back. Flash Cat startup
Twin Shot Both angels simultaneously shoot a treasure chest that throws out the word Nitrome onto the ground. Twin Shot startup
Mirror Image The warlock makes the letters Nitrome appear, and like all menu screens in Mirror Image, is flipped for a few seconds before going to the next screen. Mirror Image startup
The Glassworks A hobo drives a large hover car with the word Nitrome on a trailer, and then drops it in the middle of the screen. Glassworks startup
Ice Breaker: The Red Clan A mimic of Ice Breaker, but with the leader of the Vikings being replaced for the Red clan Vikings. Ice Breaker Red Clan startup
Rustyard The robot plugs himself into the word Nitrome and lights it up. Rustyard startup
Final Ninja Zero Stealth-like letters of the word Nitrome appear in the middle of the screen. Final Ninja Zero startup
Powerup The letters "itrom" fall between the "N" and the "E" and complete the electrical current, causing sparks to go between the letters and light up the word Nitrome. Powerup startup
Cosmic Cannon A mimic of Cheese Dreams, except that the startup does not end with the black hole effect, but ends with a fade-out effect. Cosmic Cannon startup
Droplets The letters of Nitrome drop in from the sky on parachutes. Droplets startup
Double Edged The spartan attacks a statue of a mermaid that reveals the word Nitrome. After the spartan leaves, an artist comes, says "Oh! My statue!" and cries over his lost work. Double Edged startup
Castle Corp Multiple knights smash a fortress wall and two cannons to reveal the word Nitrome. Castle Corp startup
Parasite The parasite stabs the lime green coloured word Nitrome, which turns to the grey-green colour creatures turn when taken over. Parasite startup
Twin Shot 2 A mimic of Twin Shot's. Twin Shot startup
Rockitty The letters "Nitrome" land on a big planet, and Rockitty is seen flying over the planet in an arc. Rockitty startup
Nebula The letters "Nitrome" slowly light up yellow, starting from the "N", and ending at the "E", then there is a yellow flash, and outer space is visible. Nebula startup
Cave Chaos The bats place three green gems, and then a red gem a little bit farther and a little bit higher then the green one. Then, the bats place four rock platforms underneath the green crystals, and the brown miner jumps onto the purple rock and runs to collect the three green gems while the rock platforms fall off-screen, revealing the word Nitrome. Cave Chaos startup
Graveyard Shift The red crosshair shoots three segments of living moss until it is gone, revealing the word Nitrome. Graveyard Shift startup
B.C. Bow Contest The letters of Nitrome are shot onto the screen attached to the back of seven arrows. BC Bow Contest startup
Cold Storage The right arm of the giant holds the word Nitrome by the "e", gives it to the giant's right arm, and then puts the word onto a platform of ice. Cold Storage startup
Ice Breaker: The Gathering A mimic of Ice Breaker's, except the Elder Clan leader breaks the ice around the word "Nitrome". Ice Breaker Gathering startup
Avalanche A penguin pulls a sled towards the bottom-left edge of the screen. The sled has the word Nitrome on it. Avalanche startup


Game Description Image
Rubble Trouble New York A metal hand comes down and pulls the top of a building off, revealing the metal Nitrome logo. Rubble Trouble startup
Skywire V.I.P. Same as the Skywire startup. Skywire VIP startup
Blast RPG The pig cannon shoots out the seven Nitrome letters. Blast RPG startup
Tiny Castle The wizard uses a spell and makes all the Nitrome letters grow up, only until one letter does not grow up. The wizard struggles trying to make it turn up, turning red twice. The letter then grows up. Tiny Castle startup
Chisel The chiseller drills down a large Nitrome "N", then drills through all the Nitrome letters. Chisel startup
Bullethead The Nitrome letters are all floating in the air. The "N" and "E" of the Nitrome logo move over to each other, then turn around and shoot down all the other letters. The N and the E turn to face each other, with the N shooting the E and the E shooting the N, falling into place. Bullethead startup
Fault Line Several gaps in the screen join together to form the Nitrome logo. Fault Line startup
Ribbit The letters N-I-T-R in green with frog's eyes, and the letters O-M-E in pink with bunny ears jump around before jumping into position, making the Nitrome logo. Every letter looks like a head on Ribbit. Ribbit startup
Worm Food A villager walks onto the screen. The Nitrome logo, in the sky, moves over to the villager, then roars, scaring it away. The logo looks like the worm. Worm Food startup
Squawk The parrot ball is pulled over by the steering peg, just before the Nitrome logo in red with white circles pops up in front of him. Squawk startup
Temple Glider The yellow Nitrome logo emerges out of the sand wrapped in bandages. Temple Glider startup
Sky Serpents The slayer falls from the sky, then stabs his knife into the lime green Nitrome logo, then jumps up on it. Sky Serpents startup
Enemy 585 Turner, with the "OME" part of the Nitrome logo navigates himself into a spot so the "OME" connects with the "NITR". Enemy 585 startup
Super Treadmill The game cartridge for Super Treadmill is put into the Nitrome Enjoyment System. The "P" button is pressed several times. The cartridge is taken out, blowed on (only heard as a sound), and put back into the system. The P button is pressed on again, this time successful. The message shown when a game cartridge is put into the original Nitrome Enjoyment System is shown, with directions at the bottom saying to ignore it. Super Treadmill startup
Bad Ice-Cream A strawberry ice cream character blows ice blocks, shaped to form the Nitrome logo. Bad Ice-Cream startup
Rush Several fast streaks fly onto the screen, bringing on the Nitrome letters, before a final streak goes through the complete Nitrome logo. Rush startup


Game Description Image
The Bucket A voice says, "Hey! This isn't the game I ordered." and then the game cartridge floats out of the box with the Nitrome logo on top. The Bucket startup
Canary Lasers shoot through three rocks, which and fall and crack open to reveal the letters that spell Nitrome. Canary startup
Test Subject Blue The syringe of the blue enzymes are dropped to form "Nitrome". Test Subject Blue startup
Chisel 2 Mimic of Chisel's except the chiseler performs a rocket jump. Chisel 2 startup
Knight Trap A trigger sets off a knife-like reaction spelling Nitrome. Knight Trap startup
Steamlands Two tanks that have NITR and OME are battling, the NITR tank is destroyed and the OME tank takes the letters NITR forming "Nitrome" Steamlands startup
Test Subject Green The blue enzymes form "Nitr" while the orange enzymes form "ome", which collide to form a green enzyme forming "Nitrome". Test Subject Green startup
Silly Sausage The Silly Sausage cartridge is about to be placed into the Nitrome Enjoyment System, but the Game Muscle cartridge is suddenly attached to the Silly Sausage cartridge. It is inserted into the Nitrome Enjoyment System and the "P" button is pressed. Notably, the Nitrome logo is placed on the top of the screen instead of the middle. Silly Sausage startup
Test Subject Arena A mimic of Test Subject Green. Test Subject Green startup
Office Trap "Nit" jumps from the left, "ro" jumps from the bottom and "me" jumps from the right. Office Trap startup
Rubble Trouble Tokyo A pachinko lands on a building, bounces a few times, then explodes, leaving the word 'Nitrome'. Rubble Trouble Tokyo startup
Canopy The monkey shakes a branch and mushy letters spelling Nitrome falls. Canopy startup
Mega Mash The game cartridge is inserted into the NES and the "P" button is pressed. The Nitrome jingle is heard, but abruptly loses pitch. Afterwards, the display of games in Mega Mash is seen, but there is a fizz on the screen, giving the impression of a "glitchy" game.

Next, the game cartridge is removed, and smacking noises are heard once it is out of the screen. It is then inserted back in the NES and "P" is pressed once more. The full Nitrome jingle is heard this time, with smoke trailing out of the game system.

Mega Mash startup
Steamlands Player Pack Mimic of Steamlands startup. Steamlands startup
Stumped Clipped zombie letters hop to the "finish floor". The 'E' is the last, who is hopping. All letters are forming "Nitrome". Stumped startup
Nitrome Must Die Letters forming "The 100th Nitrome Game" are flying from the upper left corner. The background is pink with the Cuboy faces. The player hears a drum-roll, and suddenly a typical "Alarm-sound". The background is blinking red, and turns black/grey, Cuboy turning into a skull. Pistols shots come flying off screen, into the 'T' and 'E' of 'The' and the 'T' of '100th' disappears, along with the 'E' of 'Game', with the 'T' of 'Nitrome' moving a bit back. There are some bullet wounds in the letters. Then, some B.C. Bow Contest arrows fly into 'The 100th Nitrome Game'. Big rockets shoot in 'The 100th' and 'game', and explode, hitting the word 'Nitrome'. Little pieces of Nitrome are burning down. After that the typical Nitrome jingle is heard. Nitrome Must Die startup
Lockehorn An elk pushes the Nitrome logo made of ice. Lockehorn startup
Rubble Trouble Moscow A magnet magnetizes the Nitrome logo and lands. Rubble Trouble Moscow startup


Game Description Image
Rainbogeddon A male grey creature shoots the letters to form the rainbow Nitrome logo. Rainbogeddon startup
Swindler Letters with a cord fall from the sky, spelling the word Nitrome. After all letters fall, a shadow is seen. Swindler startup
Skywire VIP - Extended The startup is the same as Skywire's. Skywire VIP Extended and Shuffle startup
Gunbrick A beam of white light shines down and fades away, revealing the Nitrome logo in orange letters. Gunbrick startup
Cave Chaos 2 Similar to the first Cave Chaos, bats arrange a short platform of blue rocks that the brown miner crosses while collecting the gems above the platform. The game's background design and refined artwork are seen during this startup, however. Cave Chaos 2 startup
Super Snot Put The light green letters of "Nitrome" fling into the centre of a green checkered background. This is similar to Snot Put's startup. Super Snot Put startup
Hot Air Jr Against a checkered light-blue background, Hot Air's driver jumps on a pump to inflate the letters "Nitrome". This is similar to the startups of the previous Hot Air games. Hot Air Jr startup
J-J-Jump The letters "Nitrome" descend from the top of the screen in black against a rainy background. The black then drops off, revealing the letters in orange. J-J-Jump startup
Skywire VIP Shuffle This startup is identical to Skywire's. Skywire VIP Extended and Shuffle startup
Calamari Several blocks, including a turret, move along a coloured line, which is followed by the Nitrome logo. When it reaches the peak, "N" stays there snoring, while "itrome" slides back down to the center. Then, "i" maneuvers under the "N" and shoots it, waking it up and completing the Nitrome logo. Calamari startup
Turnament The letters of "Nitrome", aside from the "r", move in a jerky motion towards the centre of the screen, either from the top or bottom. The letter "r" then starts to move towards the "t" position, but shifts to the right to fit in the missing hole. Turnament startup
Swindler 2 Similar to Swindler's startup, the letters of "Nitrome" descend from sticky green cords. This time, however, the background is orange instead of purple. Swindler 2 startup
Ice Beak The letters of "Nitrome" appear to make up an orange flame. A blue bullet is shot onto them, turning the letters into ice. Ice Beak startup
Bad Ice-Cream 2 This startup is identical to Bad Ice-Cream's. Bad Ice-Cream 2 startup


Game Description Image
Plunger Plunger from the game with the same name brings the Nitrome letters and puts it to the center of the screen. Plunger startup
Super Stock Take The chimp pushes blocks to reveal the word Nitrome. Super Stock Take startup
Test Subject Complete Doctor Nastidious tries to grab the letters of the word "NITROME" with his hand, "I" shoots the doctor's hand and the other letters ("NTROME") call "I" and "I" jumps back to form the word "NITROME". Test Subject Complete startup
Colourblind Outlined letters appear against a white background before bursting into different colours rapidly. The end result is the letters "nitrome" in grey, against a white background. Colour Blind startup
Oodlegobs A cat gets trampled by an army of oodlegobs as the letters of "Nitrome", in a static grey, fall and land behind the cat as it dies. Oodlegobs startup
Test Subject Arena 2 Green with the letter I shoots Blue with the letter N, followed by a mercenary with the letter T shooting Green, followed by the Rex209 Professor with the letter R, followed by Orange with the letter O attacking the Professor, Orange getting attacked by Rex209 Blue with the letter M, followed by Doctor Nastidious with the letter E shooting Rex209 Blue. He then does his evil laugh, when the Professor comes and attacks him, and starts to do his victory dance. Test Subject Arena 2 startup
Cheese Dreams: New Moon The letters of Nitrome, displayed as a cheese-like substance, bounce on blue platforms over two sets of spikes before stopping at rest. New Moon startup
Bad Ice-Cream 3 The startup is the same as Bad Ice-Cream's. Bad Ice-Cream 3 startup


Game Description Image
changeType() The Nitrome letters are glitched at the start and are in a green field. After a few seconds the screen starts glitching too and all the Nitrome letters are completely revealed. ChangeType() startup
Ditto A mirror is on the floor. All the letters of Nitrome start falling to land on the mirror, alongside their respective reflections. Ditto startup
Flue The green-colored "Nitrome" letters slides down from a chamber. Flue startup
Bump Battle Royale Several bumper cars fly across the letters "Ni", "t", "ro" and "me", forming the word Nitrome. Two robots drive past the word, with their trail replaced with a black and white checkered flag design. Bump Battle Royale startup
Coil A blue outline of the Nitrome letters are seen, where upon an energy impacts the word and flashes to reveal the word Nitrome. Coil startup
Turn-Undead Several vampire bats are seen hanging from the word "Nitrome", when suddenly several wooden stakes are fired from both side of the screen, killing the bats. One bat is left, which flies up above the word "Nitrome", only to be killed by a stake which is shot at it. Turn-Undead startup
Endless Doves (browser version) Same as the mobile version. 8bit Doves startup
Submolok Many bubbles float upwards and an anglerfish appears with the Nitrome logo outside its mouth. Notably, the Nitrome jingle is sped up, much like the one in 8bit Doves. This is the last Flash game to use the Nitrome startup. Submolok startup
Roller Polar (browser version) Same as the mobile version. Roller Polar startup
Platform Panic (browser version) Same as the mobile version. Platform Panic startup


Game Description Image
Silly Sausage in Meat Land (browser version) Same as the mobile version. Silly Sausage in Meat Land startup
Cooped Up (browser version) Same as the mobile version. Cooped Up startup
Green Ninja (browser version) Same as the mobile version. Green Ninja Year of the Frog startup
Vault! (browser version) Same as the mobile version. Vault! startup


Game Description Image
Rust Bucket (browser version) Same as the mobile version. Rust Bucket startup
Beneath The Lighthouse (browser version) Same as the mobile version. Beneath the Lighthouse startup


Type Description Image
Demos The word "Nitrome" is drawn on a blueprint paper in white pencil. After that, a scanner goes over the word sketch and then turns it into a 3-D image of the word. The word "demo" appears in small, flickering computer letters underneath. Demo startup
Icebreaker: Freeze Frame No startup is seen upon the game. None
Nitrome Jam Cuboy appears as a jar of jam which flips its lid up, then is splattered with jam which is then moved back to reveal the word "Nitrome Jam 2014", which appears next to Cuboy as a jar.

On other games such as Computer Dreams, the logo is shown on a pink background.

Nitrome Jam startup

Nitrome Jam startup 2



Type Description Image
Swindler 2 trailer Same as the Swindler startup, but is not animated. Swindler 2 trailer startup


Type Description Image
Test Subject Complete trailer Only half of the startup is seen. Test Subject Complete trailer startup


Type Description Image
Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage trailer In the Kraken release trailer, the logo is still in a chunk of ice, with some fog in front of the ice and a background behind it. Icebreaker A Viking Voyage trailer startup
Bump Battle Royale trailer The startup is not animated. Bump Battle Royale trailer startup
8bit Doves trailer In the trailer, the logo appears with the word "presents". 8bit Doves trailer logo
Gunbrick trailer In the first three teaser trailers, the logo is orange on a black background. Gunbrick teaser startup

Mobile games


Game Description Image
Mobile Chick Flick The startup from Chick Flick was used. CF10
Four Play The word 'nitrome' falls out of the ceiling, then a pink alien flies past it and off the screen. Four Play startup


Game Description Image
Super Feed Me A remake of the Feed Me startup, except having a green background instead of a brown background. A fly from the to-be-released sequel flies from the top of the screen in a slight wave motion and lands on the fly trap, only to become startled as the fly trap closes. The fly trap snaps shut to reveal the Nitrome logo, which then shines. Super Feed Me startup


Type Description Image
Nitrome Touchy The word 'nitrome' slowly turns from black to yellow, which shines. Nitrome Touchy startup connection


Game Description Image
Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage The word "nitrome" is in a chunk of ice, which is sliced twice and breaks away to form the word "nitrome".

Icebreaker A Viking Voyage startup

Icebreaker A Viking Voyage startup 2

Icebreaker A Viking Voyage startup 3


Game Description Image
8bit Doves Doves are seen as bird chirping is heard, then the letters of the word "Nitrome" fall onto the screen. Everything is colored in green-grey. Notably, the Nitrome jingle is sped up. 8bit Doves startup
Endless Doves A mimic of 8bit Doves 8bit Doves startup
Roller Polar The polar bear appears on top of a Nitrome logo covered in snow, then sneezes, causing the snow to fall off the logo. Roller Polar startup
Platform Panic An incomplete Nitrome logo consisting of ITR M is seen, then a robot arm comes and drops sequentially an O, E, and N. Platform Panic startup


Starting with Silly Sausage in Meat Land, the end of each startup is accompanied by a speech bubble with Cuboy that appears at the top right side of the "e" in "Nitrome".

Game Description Image
Gunbrick (mobile) The letter "O" stylized like a Gunbrick rolls on to the screen and shoots upwards, causing the rest of the Nitrome letters to fall and complete the Nitrome logo. Gunbrick mobile startup
Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire The letter "O" with a balloon attached appears floating above the almost complete word "Nitrome", when a hand appears and draws a circle that pops the balloon causing the O letter to fall and complete the Nitrome logo. Magic Touch Wizard for Hire startup
Silly Sausage in Meat Land The letters "itrome" appears normal and then the stretchy dog (near the word) stretches to form the letter "N". Cuboy appears in a speech bubble at the end, the first appearance of what would become a regular occurrence throughout later Nitrome startups. Silly Sausage in Meat Land startup
Cooped Up A finch on a rope bounces up off the screen and the sound of it hitting a ceiling is heard, then the Nitrome logo falls on to the rope. Cooped Up startup
Green Ninja The word "Nitrome" is thrown from off screen (accompanied with a Kiai) and hits a wall, leaving cracks in the wall. The word then moves a bit back and falls on to the floor, bouncing a bit. Small thin pieces of the wall fall off (making a glass-like sound), exposing the brick part of the wall. Green Ninja Year of the Frog startup
Vault! With its arms, the letter "O" of the word "Nitrome" vaults over a gap into the word Nitrome, completing the word. Vault! startup
Beneath The Lighthouse The word "Nitrome" appears upside-down, then the seagulls fly by and one stops and stands on the word, pushing the word downwards and causing it to rotate in a circle then appear normal. The startup does not use Cuboy at the end. Beneath the Lighthouse startup
Gopogo The letter O in "Nitrome" bounces on a pogo stick into its proper spot in the word "Nitrome" and then jumps up and throws the pogo stick away. Go Pogo startup
Rust Bucket A mimic of the Turnament startup. The letters of "Nitrome", aside from the "o", and a slime appear stationary. The letters then move in a jerky motion towards the centre of the screen and then the letter "r" enters the screen and moves into position and hits the slime, which dies and reveals the "o". Again, the startup do not use the Cuboy speech bubble at the end. Rust Bucket startup


Game Description Image
Leap Day A king holding a lever while on his throne watches two yellow shelled creatures bring the letters of the word Nitrome. The first shelled creature enters with the "O", "M", and "E" letters, drops them in that order, then leaves the screen and the second shelled creature enters with the "N", "I", "T", and "R" letters, dropping them in that order and completing the word "Nitrome". The second yellow shelled creature tries to walk off the screen, but as it walks over a panel on the ground the king pulls a lever which opens the panel and causes the shelled creature to fall into it. Leap Day startup
Stretch Dungeon The word "Nitrome" is green coloured, except for the N which is a puffing wall. A mouse moves up behind the N, which puffs out, pushing the rest of the word to the right and scaring the mouse so that it runs into its hole. Stretch Dungeon startup
Hop Swap The screen is split diagonally into a yellow world at the top and blue world at the bottom. The yellow word Nitrome, standing on the diagonal line in the blue world and appearing inverted, jumps up, falls down and into the yellow world, where it lands on the ground and appears purple coloured and normal. Hop Swap startup
Silly Sausage: Doggy Dessert A mimic of the Silly Sausage in Meat Land startup. Silly Sausage Doggy Dessert startup


Game Description Image
Flat Pack A wall with the word "nitrome" in pixel letters is seen, then the Flat Pack protagonist is thrown into the wall, and the word pops out in 3-D and falls to the ground. Cuboy in the speech bubble appears in 2D and then suddenly pops out in 3D.
Flat Pack startup

The startup (click to play)

Turn-Undead: Monster Hunter A brown coffin with a golden cross opens and the words "Nitrome" pop up from inside, also in golden letters. Turn-Undead mobile startup


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Game Description Image
Colourblind: An Eye For An Eye A copy of the Colourblind startup, with the only difference being the Cuboy appearing at the end of the animation, and then disappearing. The letters move down after all the animations occur too. Colourblind mobile startup
In the Dog House The letters appear as "ritNemo" at the beginning, then the "N" is moved up and the "R" is moved to where the "N" was placed, then the "N" is moved to its normal placement. After that, the "E" is moved down and the "O" is moved to where the "E" used to be, and the letter "E" is moved to its normal placement to form the word "Nitrome". In the Dog House mobile startup
Turn-Undead 2 A mimic of the Turn-Undead mobile startup. Turn-Undead 2 startup

Steam games


Game Description Image
Bomb Chicken An ancient temple floor is shown, upon which a BFC (a parody of KFC) food container drops. After this, three chicken nuggets, fries, two chicken drumsticks, and coleslaw drop into the container. Blue sauce is applied horizontally across the food, as if squeezed out of a bottle. The letters of the word Nitrome then fall on to the food. 98445F00-2A78-4585-8779-DDA05E56F190

Published games


Game Description Image
Ultimate Briefcase Tucker runs down a straight road in the city while several bombs fall around him. The letters of "Nitrome" fall right before Tucker runs off the screen.

When the game played in landscape mode, the startup is zoomed out further than usual.

Ultimate Briefcase startup (portrait)
Redungeon Sir Gylbard walks into a room and past two torches, which become lit and reveal the word "Nitrome" in the background of the room. Redungeon startup
Magic Mansion All the letters of Nitrome appear except for the O, which enters into its spot by climbing up a ladder located beneath its spot and jumping up. Magic Mansion startup


Game Description Image
Drop Wizard Tower The letters of the word "Nitrome", appearing blue coloured and some having enemies, enter the screen moving in large circles towards the middle of the screen to form the word "nitrome". The word then changes to yellow, throwing all the enemies off the words. Drop Wizard Tower startup
Tower Fortress Bulbous dry slime covering something is shot by light-coloured orbs, which destroy the slime and reveal the word "Nitrome". Note that Cuboy in the speech bubble glitched out. Tower Fortress startup


Game Description Image
Slime Pizza The letters of the word "Nitrome", appearing green, fall on to a floor that has two small pieces of pizza, one which is partially eaten. The letters leave green residue. Slime Pizza startup
Nano Golf: Puzzle Putting The word "Nitrome" appears, except the "o" is replaced with a flag and has a hole on the ground in front of it. The sound of a ball being hit is heard and the ball moves quickly on to the screen, bounces off the wall, and is directed into the hole. As it enters the hole, the flag turns into a "o" and the hole disappears. Nano Golf startup
Spike City The word "itrome" is present on the screen, the letter "n" with a spike on its side speeds into the word from the left, forming the word "nitrome". Spike City startup


Game Description Image
Nano Golf: Hole in One A mimic of Nano Golf's startup, with the only exception being the change of the color scheme depending of the ball selected.

















Spicy Piggy The gray colored Nitrome letters bounce to reach a chili. The "E" starts smelling it, then it eats the chili in two bites. Shortly, the "E" alerts and jumps while breathing fire, which makes the whole word to turn red. Spicy Piggy startup
Sprint RPG The letters of the nitrome logo are seen facing in different ways, when a weakbone runs past the faultily arranged letters, flipping them into their proper position. The jingle can be heard, and the cuboy logo appears, as usual Sprint RPG startup

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