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Super Leap Day is a platforming game released on August 6th, 2021[1], on Apple Arcade for iPhone, iPod Touch, Mac, and Apple TV. It is a sequel to Leap Day and like that game features a daily level.


  • iPhone/iPad: Tap screen - Jump

The game is game controller compatible.


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Super Leap Day's main feature is that it features a new level each day with the objective to reach the top of the level. Each level consists of vertically oriented and sidescrolling level segments. Each level has a set theme, which partially influences some of the game components that can appear. Each level has fifteen checkpoints, which are activated by touching the checkpoint flag. Once activated, the player will respawn there when they die. Trophies are present at five-checkpoint intervals.

  • A Bronze Cup is present at checkpoint 10.
  • A Silver Cup is present at checkpoint 5.
  • A Gold Cup is present at checkpoint 1.
  • Collecting all fruit in the level will grant the player a Fruit Cup.

Bonus games

The game has unlockable bonus games.

  • Pinball Day - Navigate a pinball across pinball boards.
  • Golf Day - Hit a ball across sidescrolling levels.
  • Race Day - Navigate a car across sidescrolling levels. Unlocked for purchase by completing all beginner stages of Golf Day.


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Game director
Matthew Annal

Game producer
Gwilym Hughes

Artwork and animation
Matthew Annal
Markus Heinel
Felipe Martins
Josiah Moore
Simon Hunter

Chris Burt-Brown
Gabriel Farfan
Aaron Steed
Marcin Zemblowski

Additional programming
Anchit Sharma

Level design
Alvaro Farfan
Owen Midgette
Marco Cifarelli
Henny Glaze

Additional level design
Mat Annal
Markus Heinel

Roberto Bazzoni
Dave Cowen (Title and Menu music only)

Sound design
Fat Bard (Patrick Crecelius and Zach Fendelman)

Produced by Apple


  • July 6 - Apple Arcade on Twitter announces the game.
  • August 6 - Nitrome announces that the game has been released.
  • August 19 - Nitrome posts about Version 1.1.0 being released.


Version history

Pre-release updates

The following updates were released prior to the game's release.

  • 1.0 - The first version of the game. Released on July 6, 2021[2].
  • 1.0.1 - Released on July 24th[2]. Uncertain what was changed.
  • 1.0.3 - Released on August 2nd and was the first public version available[2]. The patch notes are described as "Bug Fixes"[3].

Post-release updates

Name Release date Changes Patch notes
1.1.0 August 18, 2021[2]
  • Level creation algorithm was changed to make future levels shorter.
  • Fixed bugs relating to the game crashing on lower-end devices.
  • Fixed a glitch where resetting a day would erase all level completion data for that month.
  • Fixed a glitch where fruit and coin progress was lost upon leaving a level.
  • Chests will not get in the player's way as much[4].
  • Minor adjustments[4].
[12] (partial patch notes)
1.1.2 August 27[2] Adds save slots, fixes various other small bugs, and makes various minor adjustments. [13]

Beta elements

The two-headed ostrich that had been created in early mockup art for a potential Leap Day sequel prior to one being considered was later resurrected for Super Leap Day. It was planned for the Rainy Ruins theme but could not be included due to the breadth of game content already in the theme[5].


Prior to a sequel to Leap Day being considered, Mat Annal, one of the original game's artists, created some mockup art for a potential sequel over the Christmas break in late December 2018/early January 2019[6][7]. Super Leap Day was announced on July 6th, 2021[8], and released on August 6th[1].

The game's art being done in vector art instead of pixel art was based off Nitrome's interest in using another art style[9], and was the first time they had used this style since Chick Flick in 2006. On top of this style change, all art for the game was hand-drawn[10].

The engine for Super Leap Day was created before the game went into development, which was some time before January 2019[7]. At the start of development, the game was not planned for Apple Arcade as this was before the service was revealed[11].

Dave Cowen, the game's composer, did more music that was not included in the game[12]. Nitrome mentioned that no release on other platforms is planned due to the game's contractual exclusivity with Apple Arcade[13].


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