NOTE: This article also covers the coloured blocks activated by the switch blocks


This article is about switches from Enemy 585. For switches from other games, please see Switches.

Switch blocks are interactive objects in the game Enemy 585. They are one of the most frequently encountered interactive objects in the game.


Switch blocks are golden-yellow blocks with either red or blue switches on the top of them. The switches appear to be held on by white screws. In the middle of the block there is either a blue "X", or a red "O" imprinted into it.

Game information

There are two types of switch blocks, which can activate two kinds of coloured blocks. Switch blocks with a red lever activate red coloured blocks with O's on them, and switch blocks with blues levers activate blue coloured blocks with X's on them. When a coloured block is activated, it becomes solid and can be walked on and touched. When a coloured block is deactivated, an outline of the coloured block will be in the area the block is supposed to be.

To flip a switch, Enemy 585 has to walk over it, or a helmet or barrel has to roll over the switch.

Sometimes, the player (Turner) will have red or blue blocks on himself, and the same rules will still apply. If a red or blue colored block is turned off, the space where it will go acts as an empty space, and other blocks can occupy it. If, however, the outline of the block is in a wall when the lever on the switch block is turned, and the color appropriate block should come on, it will not.

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