This article is about switches from Gunbrick. For switches from other games, please see Switches.

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Switches are interactive objects in the Gunbrick series. Regular switches are introduced in Gunbrick, while multi-platform switches are introduced in Gunbrick mobile.



In Gunbrick switches appear as a light green bar attached to a square that has a dark grey ridge going around it. There is space behind the bar for it to be pushed back. When the switch is activated, the square it is attached to turns green.

Gunbrick mobile

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Switches have a green button on them that once pushed causes the movement of one or more blocks. Switches can be activated by being shot or touched by Gunbrick. Even when Gunbrick falls past the green button of a switch it will activate.

Gunbrick mobile

The regular switch in Gunbrick mobile acts the same as in Gunbrick.

Gunbrick mobile introduces multi-block switches, these switches controlling two types of blocks: red and green. When a multi-block switch is hit, it will cause the current colour of blocks to retract (disappear) and the next colour to extend out (appear).

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