Tank armour is armour for tanks in Steamlands. Armour is vital for tanks, as it protects the engine room, the heart of the tank, from oncoming enemy bullets. Armour can constitute 80% - 90% of a tank, with the remaining percentage being the man blocks, treads, and guns. Tank armour comes in 1×1 and 2×2 blocks. Armour blocks can also have their health increased by buying Health items in the shops in Towns. In some levels, the player may encountered damaged or undamaged armour which they can add to their Tank. 1×1 and 2×2 pieces of armour may have different designs on them, which are purely ornamental. There are five types of armour in Steamlands.

Bronze armour

Bronze armour is the first and weakest type of armour introduced in Steamlands. Bronze armour is bronze coloured, hence its name. It's health for 1X1 blocks starts at 50 and can be upgraded to 65, each upgrade adding 5 health points. The health for 2x2 blocks starts at 250 and can be upgraded to 325, adding 25 health points per upgrade.

The bronze booster starts at 100 and can be upgraded to 160, adding 20 health points per upgrade purchased. It is the most common type of tank armour found on the ground, and because it is weak it is best to have bronze tank armour placed on the front of tanks.

Bronze Armor

All bronze armour blocks

Bronze items

Along with being a type of armour, the bronze medal is the lowest ranking medal the player can obtain, the bronze booster is also the weakest type of booster the player can pick up, and the first engine room health reinforces the player's engine room with bronze plating.

Bronze armour shop items

(Note: All numbers in the Result column are health points)

Bronze health one Bronze health two Bronze health three
Image: BH1 BH2 BH3
Price: £2500 £5000 £10000
Tag: Health Health Health
Result: 1X1 - 55
2X2 - 275
Bstr. - 120
1X1 - 60
2X2 - 300
Bstr. - 140
1X1 - 65
2X2 - 325
Bstr. - 160
Description: A new method of mixing the alloy these blocks are made of will increase their ability to withstand damage Further experimentation with the right amounts of tin and copper can improve the durability of these blocks even further Scientists have found that they can vastly improve the bronze alloy by just mixing in trace amount of the newly discovered element reflectium. A pricy but worthwhile investment.
Level: Bargain Hunt Keeping Track Assembly and Assimilation

Iron armour

Iron armour is the the second type of armour introduced in Steamlands, as well as appears on the Steamlands tank boss in Nitrome Must Die.


Iron armour's strength is higher than bronze armour but less the metal armour. Iron armour is light grey coloured and appears attached to the player's tank at the start of levels more often. 1x1 block health starts at 100 and can be upgraded to 130, each upgrade adding 10 health points. 2x2 blocks start at 500 and can be upgraded to 650, each upgrade adding 50 health points. Iron armour is less likely to be found in levels on the ground. Also, reflectium armour is just reflectium armour on iron blocks.

Iron Armor

All iron armour blocks in Steamlands

Iron items

Iron BlocksNMd

Iron blocks in Nitrome Must Die

Iron along with bronze is also used to reinforce other objects in Steamlands. The silver medal is the second highest ranking medal, obtained for getting less than 50% damage in levels. The engine room health two also reinforces the player's engine room with iron armour.

Nitrome Must Die

Iron armour appears in Nitrome Must Die only on phase two. The iron armor that appears is the usual completely grey one, and the grey version with the circles on it. Iron Blocks appear on the right side of the Tank, and are underneath a Hail-Stone cannon. They are completely optional to destroy during the battle, but can be destroyed if the player wants to increase the opening above the Booster for better aim.

Iron armor shop items

Iron Health 1 Iron Health 2 Iron Health 3
Images: IH1 IH2 IH3
Price: £5000 £10000 £20000
Tag: Health Health Health
Result: 1X1 - 110
2X2 - 550
Bstr. - 220
1X1 - 120
2X2 - 600
Bstr. - 260
1X1 - 130
2X2 - 650
Bstr. - 300
Description: The town's mechanics have found they can add some steel reinforcements to the insides of your iron blocks to make them stronger. A local mechanic has invented a special frame that can be fitted to the inside of your iron blocks to protect them even further. The blacksmith in this town is willing to teach you engineer to how convert as much of the iron to steel in your iron blocks as you can. This would greatly improve any iron armour
Level: The Escourt Assembly and Assimilation

Steel armor

Steel armor is the strongest type of armor in Steamlands, as well as appears on the Steamlands Tank Boss.


In Steamlands, Steel armor has the more health than Bronze or Iron armor, and is quite hard to destroy. It is very strong and appears many times on the player's and enemy's Tanks in later levels of Steamlands; It is dark grey coloured. 1X1 blocks start at 150 and can be upgraded to 210, going up 20 for every Upgrade bought. 2x2 blocks start at 750 and can be upgraded to 1050, going up 100 health points every upgrade purchased.

Steel Boosters 400 and can be upgraded to 640, going up 80 health points per upgrade. No other armor exists in Steamlands stronger than Steel.

Steel Armor

All Steel Armor blocks

Steel upgrades

Steel BlocksNMD

Steel Blocks in Nitrome Must Die

Steel has been used in other ways throughout Steamlands. Steel was used to reinforce the Engine Room 3 shop item, and was also used to reinforce some Iron or Bronze blocks. The Steel coloured Medal is the highest ranking Medal in Steamlands, gained for getting less than 75% damage in a level.

Nitrome Must Die

Steel blocks appear in Nitrome Must Die on on the first Phase of the tank. Steel blocks appear on both sides of the Tank in Phase 1, protecting the Booster. They can be destroyed by shooting them, and show signs of damage as well. Oddly, the Determinators on the Tank will soon explode the more damage the blocks takes, even though having no connection to them.

Once the two Steel blocks are destroyed, the player can freely shoot and destroy the Booster. Steel blocks appear in there usual completely black colour, and the black colour with circles on it. The Booster if the Tank is a Steel Booster.

Steamlands Steel Shop Items

Steel Health 1 Steel Health 2 Steel Health 3
Image: SH1 SH2 SH3
Price: £40000 £20000 £40000
Tag: Health Health Health
Result: 1X1 - 170
2X2 - 850
Bstr. - 480
1X1 - 190
2X2 - 950
Bstr. - 560
1X1 - 210
2X2 - 1050
Bstr. - 640
Description: There's various heat treatments you could be applying to your steel blocks to remove structural defects. The local blacksmith will teach you - for a price. The internal structure of your steel is inefficient say the local mechanic. By moving a cog here and there you could fit in more plating and making the walls of the block thicker. The local blacksmith is offering to sell the knowledge of how to increase the carbon in your steel blocks, making them as hard as possible.
Level: Special Delivery The Mirror of Venus Assembly and Assimilation

Reflectium armor

Reflectium Armor (pronounced Reflect-tee-um) is a special block in Steamlands. Also, it has a special ability the three other armor blocks do not have. Reflectium armor is shiny light gold coloured, but is really shiny light gold on Steel blocks. According to Reflectium Health 1 description, it has been mined from under the ground. Reflectium will reflect bullets that hit the block, hence its name. The blocks will still take damage upon reflecting bullets. All types of bullets will be reflected, except shots from the Thor's Hammer, which the blocks will not be able to reflect due to the shots intensity.

Reflectium Armor 1x1 blocks have health which starts at 150 and can be upgraded to 195, going up 15 health points per upgrade. Reflectium Armor 2x2 have health which start at 750 and can be upgrade to 975, going up 75 health points per upgrade obtained. Reflectium Armor does not have a booster.

Reflectium Armor

All Reflectium Armor blocks

Reflectium uses

Reflectium is used only as a type of armor. It is not used anywhere else because the Medals, Engine Room upgrades and all types of upgrades in Steamlands do not go above level 3.

Reflectium shop items

Reflectium Health 1 Reflectium Health 2 Reflectium Health 3
Images: RH1 RH2 RH3
Price: £20000 £40000 £80000
Tag: Health Health Health
Result: 1X1 - 165
2X2 - 825
Bstr. - N/A
1X1 - 180
2X2 - 900
Bstr. - N/A
1X1 - 195
2X2 - 975
Bstr. - N/A
Description: So little is known about this strange new element that opinions differ on how to purify what little of it has been mined. But there is an alchemist in town that says if you pay him he will show you how The blacksmith here has been experimenting, creating various alloys using reflectium. Some of them are apparently harder than pure reflectium. Perhaps you should purchase the recipe. The town's prospector has found a rich cache of reflectium. He's willing to sell you sole rights to it. With this much reflectium you would be able to have much thicker walls on your reflectium blocks than any other tank in New Britania.
Level: Unarmed Right back at you Endurance

Robot Armor

Robot Armor is the fifth and last type of Armor in Steamlands, as well as a type of armor that appears on the Steamlands Tank Boss.


Robot Armor

All Robot Armor blocks in Steamlands

Robot BlocksNMD

Robot Blocks in Nitrome Must Die

Robot Armor appears to be made out of Steel blocks. The designs on the Armor range from vents to gold bars. No shop items exist for Robot Armor. 1x1 Robot Armor starts at 200 health points, while 2x2 blocks are five times the health at 1000 health points.

Robot armor appears very late in the game, being introduced close to the end. Only one type of the 2x2 block exists, also, no Booster exists for robot armor. Half of the blocks are a mirror image of the opposite type of blocks. Robot Eyes are also considered Robot Armor.

Nitrome Must Die

Robot Armor appears in all three phases of the Steamlands Tank Boss. It makes up almost the entire structure of the tank, covering the Booster and Engine Room. It is indestructible, and is a darker colour than the actual Robot Armor from Steamlands. Robot Armor is indestructible, unlike the previous two Armor types which are destructible.

This is probably due to the Robot Armor having the highest amount of health of all Armor. It is due to its darker colour that it can be mistook for a new type of armor, as it does not bear a heavy resemblance to any type of Armor. This type of Armor in Nitrome Must Die can also be taken for Reflectium, as light shines only over this type of Armor.


See also: Avatars
Avatar block

An avatar armor on some levels in Steamlands

Avatar is an unknown type of armor in Steamlands. It only appears in the game as a 1x1 block and has one health, so that it will explode if any bullet/bomb hits it. The avatar block is not a regular type of armor and was only added so that avatars could be collected in Steamlands. Because of this, it has no shop items associated with it and is not used by enemy engineers.

Avatar armor appears in stages 3 "Gun Shop", 6A "Sky's the limit", 9 "The Escort", 12 "Ricochets", and 14 "The Mirror of Venus".


  • It is possible to make a bullet reflect almost infinitely using Reflectium.
  • A Gossip about Reflectium's properties reveals that it's also used to make kettles.
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