Guns are weapons in the game Steamlands. Guns appear in almost all levels of Steamlands, except the first level. Guns are used by all tanks in Steamlands, and are needed to complete the levels of Steamlands. All Guns need steam power to operate, which means the guns have to be in range of the player's steam grid. When steam has reached a Gun, it takes some time for the gun to be powered up, longer for more stronger guns.

Guns can be assigned to number keys one through nine by selecting the guns and pressing the number key. This makes it easier for the player to select many guns at once, and have them shoot at the same block. The speed guns fire, there health, and the damage they inflict can all be increased by purchasable shop items. When a health upgrade is purchased, a tenth of the gun's original health would be added to the gun's max health. All guns have a red circular light on them which turns yellow when being powered up, and becomes red when fully usable. When a gun is added to the player's tank, the gun has to be powered up before it can be used, more stronger guns taking a longer amount of time to power up.

Coal toss

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Hail Stone

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Dum Dum

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Big Ben

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North Star

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Thor's Hammer

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  • If the player has Determinators on their tank, it is best to let the Determinators fire first. Otherwise, they will not fire at all.
  • Sometimes if the player hovers their cursor over the Mandelbrot before it explodes, just before it explodes its health will read -1/450.
  • If a health item for Zeus did exist, it would upgrade Zeus's max health to 660.
  • The Thor's Hammer was known as "high pressure cannon" in the briefing for the level it was introduced in.
  • For unknown reasons, the sprite of Valentine was changed to look similar to the North Star. Also, the North Star and Valentine have the same health.
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