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This template is used as the basis for other navbox templates.


Parameter Description
name The name of the template (when creating a new template, {{subst:PAGENAME}} can be used)
title Text that displays in the title bar of the navbox.
expanded Set to true to have the template expanded. Otherwise, it will be collapsed on default.
titlestyle Specify additional styling for the title bar. (optional)
groupstyle Specify additional styling for the left column, ie. categorization. (optional)
liststyle Specify additional styling for the right columns, ie. "list of links" (optional)
sectionstyle Specify additional styling for the subsection headers
section1 Content that goes in a subheader. (optional, up to "section10")
group1 Content that goes in the left column. Goes up to "group10".
list1 Content that goes in the right column. Goes up to "list10".
content If no group is specified, this parameter should be used in place of the "list" parameters.

Sample output

Example 1

|titlestyle= background:#7300E5; color:white;
|groupstyle= background:#E1BDEA; color:black;
|liststyle= background:#F4D945; color:Black;
|list1=[[Plunger]] {{*}} [[Plunger (character)|Plunger (character)]]
|list2=[[Brick birds (Plunger)|Brick birds]] {{*}} [[Brick monsters]] ...
|list3=[[Nodes (Plunger)#Eater nodes|Eater nodes]] {{*}} ...
|group4=Interactive objects
|list4=[[Nodes (Plunger)|Nodes]] {{*}} [[Power pills]] {{*}} ...

Example 2

|name=Leap Day
|title=Leap Day
|titlestyle= background:#009933; color:white;
|liststyle= background:Yellow; color:black; text-align:center;
|content=[[Leap Day]] <small>([[Leap Day VIP|VIP]])</small> {{*}} [[Themes]]...

Example 3

|style= background:#191970; width:100%; 
|titlestyle= background:#A2002D; color:#F5FFFA
|sectionstyle= background:#A2002D; color:white;
|groupstyle= background:#D2264A; color:white; 
|liststyle= background:#FF887D; color:black; 
|title=Nitrome Jam 2014
|list1=[[Nitrome Jam]] {{*}} [[Jam 2014 (skin)|Jam 2014]]
|group2=Nitrome teams
|list2=[[Jam:8bit Doves|8bit Doves]] {{*}} ...
|group3=Other developers
|list3=[[Jam:A Kitty Dream|A Kitty Dream]] {{*}} ...
|section4=See also...
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