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This template sorts a page into Category:Articles in need of rewriting as well as producing a banner that marks it as a page that requires a lot of revision.

How to Use

Simply type {{revise}} or {{rewrite}} at the top of the page you wish to use this template on. Removing the template also removes the category tag from the page once it has been revised.

Highlighting a section

This template can also be used to address one particular bad section rather than marking the article as a whole. To use the template for a poorly written section, type {{revise/section|Section name}} at the top of the page, replacing "Section name" with the exact name of the section on the article. This will make a notice at the top of the page of the poorly written section as well as a link so users may jump to that heading and edit it from there.

When do I use this template?

This template should be used to bring attention to other users there are pages needing to be revised. Normally, it should be used for long pages, ones where the task to revise it as a whole may be tedious for one user.

When looking for pages to mark as a "revision needed" page, you might want to see if it fills one or more of the points:

  • Is the majority of the article/section written with frequent spelling and grammar flaws?
  • Does the article frequently use the word "you" in its text?
  • Is the article written out of style (ex: everything written without headings in a more "essay" format)

When to not use the template

Template Revise is only used when a page has content that is spoken about in the above section. Template Revise should not be used for the following tasks:

  • When an article is lacking necessary content - place Template:Incomplete in places where content is necessary, and Template:Stub when most of the article is lacking content

Removing the template from a page

Users are encouraged to check Category:Articles in need of rewriting from time to time and help out by fixing some of the errors in the article. If a user believes the template is not needed and the article is now of good quality, they should start a discussion on the article's talk page, asking other users for approval of the article's good quality. If the number of users that agree outnumbers the ones who disagree, the template may be removed from the page.

An exception to removing this template without discussion is when a user claims the page and marks it with Template:WIP. In that case, the template may be temporarily removed until the user removes the WIP template from the page, of which the revise template should be added back if no significant edits have been made.

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