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The Bricks
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Released January 8, 2015
Skin No. 21
Main feature Gunbrick (mobile)
Special This is the first skin to feature an unobtainable avatar gift
Last site skin made by Nitrome.
Avatars related to this skin:
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The Bricks is the 21st skin to be released on The skin was released on January 8 2015 to celebrate the release of Gunbrick mobile.


The skin shows the main character a police officer, an agent, and a Kittybrick among four brick vehicles including the Gunbrick. A few birds are seen flying above the bricks. A sign with wires saying "now on iOS and Android" is placed at the top right of the skin.


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GrunbrickThe protagonist on top of the Gunbrick.A Police gunbrickA laser projectorA Secret Agent SmithA Police officerAn avatar giftThebricks-full


  • This skin has the second least amount of characters in it, with only 4. The first is the Ditto skin, with only 2.
  • Upon the release of the skin there was already an avatar gift added on one of the corners of a Gunbrick, even though an avatar had not been added to the skin.