The Canaries
Commander Foreman White
Base Canary Mining Colony CM08
Location Asteroid 512
Reinforcements Canary 214-LE, Miner Canary, various other miners
Weapons Lasers
Vehicles Mine carts, drills
Enemies Aliens

The Canaries[1] are an organization in Canary. They were founded by Foreman White, with their base being set up on an asteroid in space. They mine for crystals in the asteroid. They were destroyed, with many of The Canaries corrupted by the attacking aliens. All the miners have "Canary" in their name.


The Canaries were founded by Foreman White, who started the mining colony. They mined for crystals in asteroid 512, where they built their base, which they called Canary Mining Colony CM08. One day, aliens infiltrated the mine, but were discovered by a rookie miner. Samples of the aliens were taken back to the in-base lab, where it was found out the aliens were a new species, and could make The Canaries rich.

Not to soon after, alien reinforcements attacked the base. The miner canary, the possible second-in-command fought against the aliens. The aliens corrupted some of the miner's equipment, using it for their own purpose. They even got to the miners, who they slowly corrupted. Eventually, all the Canaries, including the miner canary, had all been corrupted. All except one Canary - Canary 214-LE, was left uncorrupted.

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The miner canary, corrupted, tried to turn 214-LE to their side, even using violence.

When this failed, the miner Canary planted a time bomb in the facility, with it set to detonate in one minute and eighteen seconds (1:18). The miner Canary pleaded with Canary 214-LE, inches away from the exit, not to leave. 214-LE left, and everyone on the facility, even the asteroid and facility itself, were destroyed.


  • Foreman White - Boss of The Canaries and first victim of the aliens
  • Miner canary - Talkative and possible second-in-command Canary
  • Canary 214-LE - Newbie Canary and only Canary not to get corrupted
  • Various other Canaries


  • Lasers - Big lasers for cutting rock
  • Big drill - Tunneling machine used for the making of tunnels. Later used by drill head squids
  • Mine carts - Carts used for the transportation of rock
  • Gravity orbs - Orbs used for the inversion of gravity
  • Mirrors - Glass objects which reflect the laser gun
  • Spike fans - Clockwise moving fans probably used for the moving of rock


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