Thor's Hammer
Thor's Hammer
Type Cannon
Grid spaces Three
No upgrade Upgraded
Health 300 330
Damage 100 110
Reload Very slow Faster
The above content only applies to Steamlands.

Thor's Hammer is a gun in Steamlands.


Thor's Hammer has the shape of a Hail Stone cannon, and also the appearance similar to what would be though as of the inside of a Hail Stone cannon. The base of Thor's Hammer is made up of rods, with a smooth edged piece of metal on a middle rod, the piece of metal holding the red light which holds the cannon.

The middle rod, along with another middle rod is around what is presumably the area where the bullets are kept. The cannon is rather skinny if compared to other cannons, as the Thor's Hammer has two rods above and below the actual firing cannon.

Game information

Thor's Hammer fires very strong shots that deal 100 damage each (without any upgrades), the gun however is very slow to reload, taking the longest to reload of any gun in Steamlands. Because of its reload rate, it is possible for it to get destroyed. Along with taking a while to reload, it also takes long for it to become completely charged when placed on a tank.

Because of its power it can make quick work of bronze blocks due to their low health. Thor's Hammer is one of two guns which are effective against reflectium armour, as shots from Thor's Hammer will not rebound of the armour, possibly due to the damage the Thor's Hammer can inflict. The only other gun able to do this is the infestor. In the level which the Thor's Hammer was introduced in, it was called a "high pressure cannon" in the briefing.

Thor's Hammer has a starting health of 300, which can be upgraded to 330 through purchasing the Thor's Hammer health one. The damage rate of Thor's Hammer starts at 100, which can be upgraded higher through purchasing Thor's Hammer damage one. The reload rate of Thor's Hammer (the speed at which it can fire) can be increased through the purchase of Thor's Hammer reload one.

Thor's Hammer shop items

Below lists the shop items that can be bought for the Thor's Hammer in Steamlands, and also take effect in Steamlands.

Thor's Hammer damage one Thor's Hammer health one Thor's Hammer reload one
Image: TH1 TH2 TH3
Price: £40000 £40000 £40000
Tag: Damage Health Reload
Result: Increases damage Health increases to 330 Thor's Hammer fires faster
Description: Local Viking warrior Heimdall reckons his Thor's Hammers are the best and will sell them to you. He will also offer you a good price on salt. This railgun's ammunition can be upgraded with a reflectium alloy. Only the local alchemist knows how and he asks he's asks a hefty price. The terrible reload speed of Thor's Hammer can be reduced by redesigning the loading tube says a local farmer. Apparently he runs a turret repair shop.
Level: Punch Buggy Rearrangements


  • Thor's Hammer was known as a "high-pressure cannon" in the level it was introduced in.
  • The tank in Rubble Trouble Moscow makes the same firing sound as the Thor's Hammer.
  • Apparently this gun is a railgun, using magnetic forces to propel a projectile to great speeds. 
  • Thor's Hammer is based off and named after the hammer held by the god Thor. Also, the movie Thor was coming out at the time Steamlands was released.
    • This gun is not the only reference to Thor in Steamlands. The level Mjolnir is named after Thor's hammer head; the player's tank in the level is also shaped like Thor's hammer.
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