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Thumper bumpers are recurring interactive objects that have appeared in games such as Chick Flick, Twang, and Go Go UFO. They are generally fixed in the air and discernible as a circle with alternating border colours and a star in the middle. When a character hits a thumper bumper, they will bounce off it, usually at a sharper angle than a spring.

Game Affects Notes
A silver circle with a blue circle in it, and a white star in the centremost part.Chick Flick Chicks and other bouncable objects Does not affect non-bouncable objects, ie. acorns and hearts.

There is a glitch that happens often where small chicks will fall through thumper bumpers.

A blue circle with a thick red border and a white star in the centre. Twang Black Ball Typically placed between lines, which can pass through them. Has a similar appearance to bumpers from the Sonic the Hedgehog series.
A circular object with a green ring around the outside and orange in the middle held by a red cylinder. Go Go UFO Mini UFOs Found on the bottommost curves of the track "Cosmic Collision".
A dark green ball with a smaller light green centre. Eight small dark green triangles surround the inner circle. Nebula Nebula Flashes orange when bounced off of. The player loses control of Nebula for a brief moment upon hitting a bumper.