Top games is a feature that Nitrome added to their site with the release of the 1.5 update. It displays the games that have been recently released (1.5), or have been being played the most (2.0), no matter what page the player was on at Nitrome's site (2.0), aside from the Pixel Love game page.


Nitrome 1.5

NES top games

The 1.5 top games

The first top games module from 1.5 could always be found on the left side of Nitrome's site underneath the navigation panel, and above the advertisement. It was a rectangle with a header that read "top games" in small text with no caps. Below the header was the icon of the number one game on the list. Beneath the picture were the five most recently released game. Clicking on any one of the links would take the player to that game. Changing the site's skin would also change the background color and heading of the module.

For some skins, the header would change slightly (other than changing color). The Factory skin would show screws on either side, Classic turned the text into modern Nitrome text (bold, gold, and all caps), the Winter and Snowman skin put snow along the top, and Retro gave it a Gameboy look.

Nitrome 2.0

2.0 Top games

The 2.0 top games

The second version of the top games came with the Nitrome 2.0 update. It was located on the left side of Nitrome's site underneath the Featured games, and above the advertisement. Later, when Nitrome updated their site layout, it was moved to beneath the advertisement.

For 2.0 the the module was made wider, and the header's words were put in all caps. Underneath the header was the number one game's name, along with its game icon. Above its name was a large gold star with a circle and rings around it. Beneath the number one game were the other top four games, each one's name listed with a smaller gold on its left. Each star would have a number (2-5) on it, depending on what place it was in.

Usually this module would display the most played games, however, sometimes it failed to work properly and would display the five most recently released games.