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This article is about the skin. For the app, please see Nitrome Touchy.
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Released October 31st 2012
Skin No. 13
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Main feature Nitrome Touchy
Special First with scrolling background
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Touchy is the thirteenth skin released on The skin was released on October 31st 2012, celebrating the release of Nitrome Touchy, Nitrome's first iOS/Android app.


The skin features the Halloween week at the time the new Nitrome app, Nitrome Touchy. It includes big words in the center: "·nitrome· TOUCHY". There are nine Cuboys surrounding the words, each one with a mobile device that is the iOS and Android devices. Each Cuboy has a costume of the main character of the game they're playing.


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Touchy wallpaperA Cuboy with a sombrero from Off The RailsA Cuboy with the mask worn by SwindlerA Cuboy wearing a Flash Cat headbandA Cuboy wearing a parka worn by the Eskimo from Thin IceA Cuboy wearing a cap worn by FluffykinsA Cuboy with a mini Giant worm from Worm Food on his headA Cuboy covered in snotA Cuboy wearing a wizard's capA Cuboy wearing a Spartan helmet.


Unlike most other skins, the Touchy skin doesn't hint any game since it's based off Nitrome Touchy, an app featuring past Nitrome games.


After the release of Nitrome Touchy to Android, Nitrome slightly changed their skin. Everything was the same, except that the Cuboy with a Spartan helmet and the Flashcat Cuboy's devices had a picture of an Android on them, instead of a pear.


  • This skin breaks from the regular setup of the past twelve skins. Instead of featuring a large, rectangular background, it features an unusually wide transparent background on top of another background.
  • The presence of a pear on the back of some devices is a parody of Apple placing an apple on the back of their iOS devices. This is the same pear seen on Austin Carter's computer in Nitrome Must Die.
  • The square body of the Android robot resembles a Lego brick.
  • This skin is also available on the Nitrome Touchy website.
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