This article is about trains from Dirk Valentine. For trains from Off The Rails, please see Trains (Off The Rails).

Trains are enemies in the game Dirk Valentine.


Trains appear as green, streamlined steam locomotives up front, with a skull and cross-bones symbol painted on their noses, and a hole for launching missiles. They move on triangular tank tracks. A special guard wearing a brown suit is operating the train, and sits among a mass of pipes and mechanical parts. The guard wears a helmet with green viewing lenses on the front. His helmet appears to be made of the same metal as the train.

Game information

Trains are mechanical machines which are plated with armor on the front that is invulnerable to the Dirk's chain cannon. Behind the front armor, the machinery inside the train is exposed.

The person controlling the train is a guard with a special metal helmet and brown suit on. The only weak point on the train is the mass of pipes on the rear of the train, which the guard is sitting on. The hotspot on the back has to be hit twice with the chain cannon for the train to explode.

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