Not to be confused with Treasure chests (Aquanaut).
Treasures, are pickups in Aquanaut that give the player points. They are normally found after the player destroys an enemy, but may also simply be found lying around in a level. There are four types of treasures.


Three types of treasures:
emerald (left) coin (right) diamond (middle)

List of Treasures


The most common treasure in the game. Coins are a small gold coin with a little circle on it that can be attained by destroying jellyfish and the sea serpent.


This green gem is the second most common treasure found in the game. When obtained, the player receives 20 points. It is found after destroying pufferfishes, lionfish, starshooters, hermit crabs and the sea serpent.


Diamonds are pink treasures worth 30 points, less common than emeralds. They are left behind after killing squids and the sea serpent.


Pearls can be found resting on clam shells and are a rarely seen in the game. When obtained, the player scores 40 points.