Tripwire lasers, also referred to as security lasers[1] in the context of Final Ninja, are objects in the Final Ninja series, as well as hazards in Nitrome Must Die and a ware in Super Stock Take.


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Game information

Final Ninja series

Tripwire lasers appear in both Final Ninja games as a pink laser projected by a rectangular laser emitter block. A variation of the tripwire lasers are spotlights, which appear only in Final Ninja. The laser emitter block has a yellow projector which projects the Lasers. On top of the laser emitter block is a circular object; on the sides of the block are handle like objects.

If Takeshi passes a tripwire laser, the alarm will go off and the laser will disappear. Tripwire lasers can be avoided if the player goes into stealth when the laser goes over them. The laser emitters which projects the laser is most of the time stationary, but it appears in both Final Ninja games sometimes moving on a rail near other laser emitter blocks or moving 180°. Laser emitter blocks cannot be destroyed.

It is possible to stand on a laser emitter block if it is placed in such a way that it can. Laser guards also emit a tripwire laser, but this will not set off the alarm if it catches Takeshi, but instead fire at him. This is also the same for the sentinel robots, however there laser is green. Clone scientists and spotlights will set off the alarm if they see Takeshi.

Nitrome Must Die

Tripwire lasers appear in Nitrome Must Die, but act differently than how they acted in the Final Ninja series. The tripwire lasers are attached to the ceiling, and make 280° turns. The laser they emit will harm the player, damaging the player quite a bit. The hazard cannot be destroyed, and is only blocked out by stone platforms which the player cannot jump through.

Super Stock Take

Tripwire lasers also appear as a ware in Super Stock Take, two appearing on level 14. Collecting one plays the sound of exiting a lift in Final Ninja Zero.


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