NES controller blueprint

A Blueprint for the controller

The turbo controller is a fictional controller that is used to control the protagonist when playing a Nitrome Enjoyment System game. The controller was white, and attached to the Nitrome Enjoyment System via a long cable. The Nitrome Enjoyment System came packaged with one turbo controller, which was necessary for playing one-player games.

A second turbo controller was needed to play a multiplayer game, and could be purchased from a store. A store-bought turbo controller came with a cord to connect to the Nitrome Enjoyment System.


NES Skin Logo

The turbo controller as seen on the NES skin

The turbo controller sported a D-pad which was located on the left of the controller, and used to usually move the protagonist. A bit below the D-pad was a small button which was used to activate "Nitro". It is uncertain what Nitro is, although it is probably the turbo button.

On the left of the turbo controller is two circular buttons and two smaller buttons. The top circular button is the A button, which seems to do something in all Nitrome Enjoyment System games. The bottom circular button is the power off button, pressed to turn off the Nitrome Enjoyment system.

There are two smaller buttons on the left side, the reset button and the pause button. The pause button is pressed to pause the game. It was superseded by the || in flash games. The reset button is basically a smaller version of the big circular power off button, except when pressed it will turn off the Nitrome Enjoyment System then turn it back on again. The same button exists on the Nitrome Enjoyment System console.


  • The Nitrome Enjoyment System Turbo Controller looks very similar to the Nintendo Entertainment System Controller, making it one of the similarities between the two consoles.
  • The D-pad two-button Nitrome Touchy control setup resembles a Turbo Controller.
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