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Turn-Undead 2 is the sequel to Turn-Undead.


  • Swipe up - Jump
  • Swipe left/right - Move
  • Swipe down - Fall
  • Tap screen - Shoot stake


A vampire hunter journeys through cities and deserts on a quest to kill an ancient Egyptian Pharaoh, fighting goblins and other enemies along the way.

Enemies (new)

  • Skeletons - They cannot be killed. By shooting them, they get decapitated, while the body moves about, trying to find its head.
  • Mummies - They are usually indestructible, but by shooting a stake through a fire torch, the stake becomes aflame, and will easily kill them


  • Banshees - These are three minibosses who look similar, except for the color of their hair- red, blonde and black. They will chase the player by floating towards them every turn. They can also fly around certain terrain to chase them easily, but cannot fly around steel blocks or gates. They are indestructible, but they can be killed by activating water faucets above them, which will drop water onto them.
  • Frankenstein's monster - A large boss who has a visible brain encased in glass. He cannot be killed, but will chase the player every turn. If you get near him, he will freeze and produce electrical charges in self defense. To kill him, divert him to the end of the level, which contains a pool of water, and lead him into it, effectively drowning the monster.
  • Mummy king - The final boss of the game. Whenever he is shot, he will teleport to the next room, and continue the fight. Teleport him to the final room in order to end him by shooting him with a fire stake.
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