Rail turrets are hazards in the Ninja sections of Mega Mash.

General appearance

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General game information

There are two types of rail turrets: one shot turrets and repeater turrets. Both types of turrets appear moving on a rail, moving when the player moves, even when they cannot be harmed. Rail turrets cannot move at the speed so that they have there gun right over the player, they turret's movement are off by a bit, sometimes a lot.

Rail turrets, although they might encounter rails branching out, will take only the rail that moves in the direction of the rail they are now on. Rail turrets cannot be destroyed, even though there own bullets can be rebounded off blocks. The turrets are encountered in a way that the player has to always outrun them.


One shot turrets

One shot turrets are the most common of rail turrets.


One shot turrets have the appearance of a slanted blue block, with a yellow circle on it. That box holds the cannon for the gun, and underneath the box is a yellow and black striped square, underneath that being blue metal.

Game information

One shot turrets do not fire one shot, but one shot at a time. They are slower than repeater turrets, so the player can get far ahead of them. One shot turrets fire a bullet every two seconds.

Repeater turrets

Repeater Turret

A repeater turret

Repeater turrets are a type of turret not commonly encountered in Ninja.


Repeater turrets have the appearance of two one shot turrets, with one one shot turret being inverted. Repeater turrets appear as a blue box with two yellow circles on it, and underneath that box being a big cannon. On both sides of the box is a yellow and black striped square.

Game information

Repeater turrets move faster than one shot turrets, and fire differently than them also. The turrets fire several shots in quick succession, so that each bullet is right behind each other, so they form a line. Repeater turrets are focused on in level 9, where the player as Fluffykins has to outrun several of them.

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