Looks like Jam games are starting to be released on, so I think it is a good time to start making the pages. I've created a quick layout and infobox to hopefully make the process a bit easier and quicker. If a change needs to be applied to all Jam pages, I suggest editing the layout template to make it easier for yourself and other users who will be making Jam articles.

Some notes:

  • All pages that have something to do with the Jam, like components of a Jam game, developers who aren't part of Nitrome (not sure if we want pages on the developers though) need to go in the Jam namespace.
  • Hiding the Jam namespace when creating internal links can quickly be done with the pipe trick. Utilise it.
  • All components can use the normal layout for their type (eg. a character page from a Jam game can use the Character preload).

Oh, and you don't need to add any categories when creating Jam pages; I have transcluded them in the template, which is included with the Jam layout. This should save us from a lot of trouble when we want to rename a category. For instance, I'm thinking we should rename the category Jam games into Nitrome Jam, so we can add Nitrome Jam to the category. Of course, would that not mean all developer pages need this category, and the addition of this category to the template is useless? Well, we could always transclude a category on a developers template - assuming we make one.

Create Jam game page here


For templates, I'm thinking Template:Jam/Game would be suitable. "Game" obviously would be replaced with the name of said game. Not all Jam games need templates, as some are short enough that everything can be explained on one page. But for games that are a bit more complex, we can use the template namespace with the prefix "Jam". I will rename the Jam games template to follow with this. Template:Jam will redirect to the infobox, for now.

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