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  • Tema.gubert

    Guess what? We're in Nitrome's Bump Battle Royale: Kill your Bumper cars because i don't know!

    Rockitty: Meow?

    What do you want from here Rockitty? Are you some fishes?

    Rockitty: Meow meow meow, meow meow meow meow?

    You're evil!

    Rockitty: MEOW?!


    Girl: Don't insult me, it's Bump Battle Royale's release!

    Ri-i-i-i-ight, Girl! Wait what? Bump Battle Royale?

    Girl: Yes, and i got the endless cycle and now i'm scared!

    WHAT? Hahahahahaha- funny huh?

    Wal: I like walh!


    Wal: Ha-ha-ha-hahahah! Heh! I love walh!

    I have no idea! Well, the game is finally live at 5pm, and i'll start to play a new game coming up!

    So please do not fill in the "released" parameter until the game is actually live.

    Have a nice day and have a great living day since Test Subject…

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  • Tema.gubert

    Hi guys from Nitrome Wiki again! We have some good news and sad news.

    Sad News: Bump Battle Royale would never be released between July 4-18 and July 18-25 2014 since 8bit Doves was announced in the mobile game, so "Not Out Games" in this article adds in the Nitrome games never even out!

    Good News: August is almost here, you'll be happy to here, from AustinCarter4Ever to Plasmaster, from Spring to Winter, from January to December.


    "I JUST NEVER BELIEVE MY EYES!" -Test Subject fan, awarded a Bump Battle Royale game in August 2014.

    Nominated in the best-seller on August 1st 2014, we'll bring you a new game. The game would definitely released in August, so you can't play a new game quite ye…

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  • Tema.gubert

    Hey guys from Nitrome Wiki! I'm sorry to have no release on July 18th because July 25th since Rush Week even coming, so does the Wikia's page!

    Between July 18-25 2014 not even in 28 days to go, this game would knocking on your browser window soon! On your keyboard or Touchy, would apologizing to chatting on your own. Didn't closed the Nitrome Jam because i'm so swell! Because it's not coming on July 18, every users gets swell at chatting!

    Because no. 1 is not a best place, so does her upcoming game, according to the icon. I'll tell you how is that working:

    • Rule No.1: No eating like popcorns, hamburgers, spaghettis and others.
    • Rule No.2: No drinking like Coca-Colas, yogurt drinks, sodas and somethings.
    • Rule No.3: No smoking outside and/or inside…
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  • Tema.gubert

    Phew... it's have been a Rest Day on the Nitrome Wiki.

    Well, late last week we got a new game called Bump Battle Royale, it's a newest arcade game this year. Oh... and hey, you get a quiz up! Here are some quiz for you:

    A. Avalanche

    B. Bump Battle Royale

    or C. Castle Corp?

    (2 seconds counting)

    Correct, you got the gold royal rumble, or in this case, a gold medal! The answer is: B! B is a letter placed for Bump Battle Royale!

    Here you go:

    So uh, congrats guys Test Subject fan and Santiago Gonzalez Martin, "Welcome to Bump Battle Royale", lined up with Nitrome Jam's closedown and every users. (and I'm still no. 1 (not trying to be arguing))

    So yeah... uh i don't know if the reason i can't write anymore around…

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  • Tema.gubert

    So apparently that Bump Battle Royale released between July 4-18 2014, and Sandman startup has a picture using the snapshot... well... Check this out:

    Pretty simple, huh? Oh... and do you know that the Bump Battle Royale game icon is missing? Why? Because it's Rush Week in July 5 but in Tour de France 2014 open... look, the earth goes yellow! Haha, just kidding!

    So you should know that Startups, even fixed, but not bad as well as a Turbo movie.

    Please submit your photo or gif in the startups section here or in the menu here, you have to play a new game here, and sorry, Rush Week coming out in worldwide July 5 not July 16 and in July 18, in Russia, Moscow, UK, England, among other countries.

    Please hurry, submit your photos in the menu until th…

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