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How do you get the slider .swf file for mobile games?!?

I need the Ice Breaker iOS, Gunbrick (mobile), Nitrome Touchy and 8bit Doves slider image for the page Slider/Gallery. I see how you get the Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire file whit this photo:

Please reply the message whit the URL for any of that games...

Purple knightMatiasNTRM Talk Contribs Stretchdoginmeatland 16:19, May 10, 2015 (UTC)

At least I noticed this thing and do my duty to not let the user repeat their mistakes.

Renaming articles

I saw that you changed Protagonist (changeType())'s name to Visor from Go Pogo. Your made information is analyzed as false information. In future, before you rename the article, please ask from other users if they agree the page must be renamed. Also, (In this case Go Pogo), before you make judgement about character, UNLOCK THE CHARACTER FIRST! Don't go rename the article because name Visor makes you think it must be the Protagonist from changeType(). Well, that's all. Feel free to ask if you have any worries relating to editing.

--MonsterHunterMegaphantazeIdlingDr.Nastidious 16:23, November 27, 2015 (UTC)

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