This article is about volcanoes from Hot Air series. For volcanoes from Bad Ice-Cream 2, please see Volcanoes (Bad Ice-Cream).

Volcanoes are enemies in the game Hot Air 2 and Hot Air. There are several types of volcanoes, all which act the same but have a different expression. They do not appear in Hot Air Jr or the demo.


A general appearance of a volcano is a grey and light grey mountain built into a platform. The mountain has some orange lava at the top of it, as well as a face in the middle of the mountain. The face has two horizontal black eyes, a pair of pink cheeks and a mouth.

The most commonly encountered volcano is the one with the appearance mentioned above, and with a tongue hanging out of the mouth. In Hot Air 1, the volcano appears as it is described above, except lacking lava at the top and not having a tongue hanging out of its mouth, as well as only one appearing in one level.

Game information

Volcanoes appear in Hot Air one and two, appearing in one level in Hot Air one, and on level 14: Great Balls of Fire in Hot Air 2. Volcanoes are stationary mountains that attack by shooting lava droplets. They are dangerous depending on how the lava droplet acts, and how it is shot.

Hot Air 1

In Hot Air 1, a volcano is located at close to the edge of the level. It can't move due to being in the ground, and fires lava droplets. The lava droplet fired will home in on the player, being able to be caused to miss. The player has to try to move over the volcano as quick as possible, and land on the red pad located on the other side of the volcano.

Hot Air 2

In Hot Air 2, multiple volcanoes appear on level fourteen. They not only appear on top of a platform, but on the sides and underneath platforms, as well as having different expressions. The lava droplet they shot travels at a constant speed in the direction it is fired, and does not attempt to home in on the player.