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This article is about walking enemies from Test Subject series. For walking enemies from other games, please see Walking enemies.

Walking orange enzymes are enemies in the Test Subject series. They are the most basic type of enzyme, and first enzyme introduced in the first game of the series, Test Subject Blue.


Walking orange enzymes seem to be squishy, as their body and hands move fluidly, as if they were liquid. They have a big orange head with two small eyes, under this being a small orange body without legs. They also have two big orange hands with three fingers on each hand.

Game information


Walking orange enzymes are spawned from a mine-like object, which will spawn the orange enzymes one after another in small intervals.

Walking orange enzymes will walk completely straight, going through green teleporters and falling down drops. They are the weakest type of orange enzyme, as they will die from one shot of Blue's proton cannon. Hazards and really long drops will not harm them, despite their relative fragility. However, once the orange enzyme touches a wall, it will fall apart and die, making it an easy enzyme to avoid.

It is possible to kill the spawner by crouching (pressing the down arrow key) and firing at the spawner three times. When it explodes, it will disappear in an explosion and puff of smoke. An exploding sound will also be heard.

Since orange enzyme bullets are the walking orange enzymes' pure essence, all orange enzymes are immune to them. Usually in one level, there is one spawn mine that spawns orange enzymes. However, more spawn mines that spawn more walking orange enzymes are introduced into a single level later in Test Subject Blue.

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In the ending for Test Subject Blue, what seems to be a Walking orange enzyme is merged with a blue enzyme.

Test Subject Green

Walking orange enzymes appear several times throughout Test Subject Green, and act exactly the same as in the prequel.

Test Subject Arena

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Walking orange enzymes in Test Subject Arena, but only on level 13. Two spawn mines appears on the highest platform in the level, both mines stationed on the ends of the platform. The level is made so that the mines cannot be destroyed or reached. To increase the protection of the mines, mirrors are placed in font of them to rebound proton bullets. However, the mines can be reached and destroyed.

Test Subject Complete

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Walking orange enzymes appear on level 3. Their behaviour remains unchanged from Test Subject Blue.