Not to be confused with Red warthog serpent.

The warthog serpent is the eighth sky serpent fought in the game Sky Serpents.


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The warthog serpent's entire body is blue and has the head of a warthog, hence its name; it has five purple weak spots. Its head has two brown pointy ears, two small white tusks, red eyes, and a large, brown snout. On its head appears to be purple fur.


The entire warthog serpent

Game information

The warthog serpent does not have any special characteristics. It will open spikes on its body when weak points are killed, and unlike the worm serpent who introduced spikes, the warthog serpent will moves spikes around when weak points are killed.

The warthog serpent will change its speed at certain points, speeding up sometimes, and becoming really sluggish at certain points. Slow moving is seen after killing the first weak point. The alternating of the spikes in the level can be both helpful and hazardous.


When weak points are killed, spikes will pop up out of holes, go back into their holes, or go back into holes and pop up somewhere else. After the first weak point is killed, a row of three spikes will pop up.

After the next weak point is killed, all the spikes will go down. After the third weak point is killed, spikes will open up in another area. After the fourth is killed, the spikes will go down, and open in front of the last weak point.


The warthog serpent has no special abilities.

Weak points

The warthog serpent has five weak points, each which take five to six blows to kill. A weak point will open after the already exposed weak point is killed. Some weak points are double weak points, meaning they are two weak points placed close to each other. This forces the player to head back to a destroyed weak point and jump over some spikes while going to it.

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