Water is an interactive object in the game Bomba that is introduced in level three.


A translucent neon orange colour, water fills open passages and areas in certain levels. Unlike water in other Nitrome games, it does not ripple. The tint of orange is most visible along the edges, where water meets with the air.

Game information

Almost all objects, including bombs, are capable of floating in the water. The only exception is the Bomba himself, as he is controlled entirely and only by the mouse. Once Bomba lets go of a bomb when in water, it will float up towards the surface. This can be useful to the player, as sometimes, moss obstructs an open path that is above Bomba, and bombs would otherwise be unable to reach the moss.

Water can also be hazardous to Bomba. When he is in water, a bar indicating the amount of time left is seen over his head. Once the bar is depleted, Bomba will explode and be sent back to the last star touched. Thus, the player must also be quick when navigating Bomba through water, as there is only a limited amount of time he can remain in there for. Once out of the water, however, the time bar resets, even if the player is only out of water for a fractional amount of time.

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