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This article is about cows from Bad Ice-Cream. For cows from other games, please see Cows.

Yellow cows are enemies first seen in level twelve in the game Bad Ice-Cream.


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Yellow cows appear to be a cow-like creatures with the looks of a caveman. Their colours bear a resemblance to a Neapolitan ice-cream. They have two little horns. Their noses and mouths, like most Bad Ice-Cream enemies, are pink. They also appear to have small pink tails at their backs.

Game information

Like blue cows, yellow cows have the ability to follow the ice cream characters wherever they go, only they are much quicker to do so. When trapped in a small area of ice, they jump up and down in that spot, giving players the impression that they can jump over ice.

If a yellow cow is prevented from moving in any direction, it will become angry and jump up and down, with a ? being above its head.