This article is about yeti from Cold Storage. For yeti from Snow Drift, please see Yeti (Snow Drift).

The yeti is the main character in the game Cold Storage.


The Cold Storage yeti looks similar to the Snow Drift yeti, but unlike the Snow Drift version, the Cold Storage yeti is more white and less pink, and also appears in a front view instead of a side view. It has long arms for him to swing on poles.

Game information


The yeti was put into a cold storage refridgerator-like container by a giant, like many other yetis. Unlike the others, which were all dead at the beginning, it tried to escape via the poles used for storing food.

The yeti eventually managed to escape the cold storage. However, when it escaped, it landed on a cheeseburger and was supposedly eaten by the giant.


In Cold Storage, the yeti at the start of each level is on the floor. By pressing Up below a pole, it will jump up and begin swinging on the pole. The yeti navigates the cold storage by swinging on poles. When swinging on a pole, pressing Up will make the yeti will jump from the pole.

The yeti sustains no damage when it hits something, unless it hits hazardous objects. The yeti can gain great speed by constantly going through yellow rings. When it reaches the top of that section, it will gain a great boost of speed, go off the screen, and then land back on the floor.


The yeti, when jumping from any pole, will kill any enemies in its way, at the cost of losing a life in the process. However, when jumping from a super pole, the yeti will go into attack mode, where it rolls up like a ball and becomes invincible for a short period, being able to kill enemies and move very fast into the air.



  • Canopy has similarities with the Cold Storage yeti. Also, Cold Storage and Canopy the game have similarities to each other. It is possible that Canopy and the yeti are of the same species.